Monday, 14 November 2011

Weird Weekend

Unusual weekend over.

Amelia has been very quiet since Friday night.
She has appeared "lost" and lethargic.
Conversations have been flat and occasionally negative.

This morning I was writing her a lunch order and asked her if she would like a sausage roll, something she LOVES.
"What is that again?" she asked staring into space.
As I began explaining I realised that she REALLY could not remember what a sausage roll was.

Yesterday I took both children to the local Fire Brigades open day.
We did not expect to know approximately 50% of the many thousands of visitors there.
Many, many people that had contributed in sending us to Disneyland.
It was slightly overwhelming and took 5 minutes even to move 1 metre !!!!
But also good to thank people and share the happiness of our trip.

Then Amelia started getting anxious about the noise and demonstrations.

She then had what could only be described as a meltdown.
Lots of fear and lots of tears.

We came home.

Yesterday she asked me to "stop laughing at things I say and do".

I sat down and explained that I am not teasing her, I am just enjoying her.

Anyway she is laughing at ME this week over my enthusiasm for the next Twilight Saga instalment !!!!

Just taking each day as it comes and dealing with anything and everything as it arises.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the Kel Wintle Memorial Auction on Facebook.
And people that keep outbidding me I WILL REMEMBER !!!!

Also thank you for the very kind contributions to the hamper we will be giving Kel's family in time for Christmas.

I have also been approached to consider writing a book about "Our Journey".
I am thinking about it for next year.
Chapter 1 is already formulating in my head.
It would include some of the writings from here.......when I was extremely passionate and emotional.
It may help other people to see what one family is AND has gone through.

I am still getting messages about last weeks post on "God".

Seeing as I have already entered dangerous waters, maybe we should select a new topic for next week........ reaching orgasm ????!!!!

Just joking.
I think the subject of "God" was enough for this year !!

New Moon tonight !!!!