Saturday, 16 July 2011

Disneyland update .......

While tea parties, getting hit by a bus (and a ute!) and doing the usual running of a house has been happening, I have been organising our "trip of a lifetime" for Amelia.
But the actual booking process is not going well.

1. Before we book ANYTHING we have to have Travel Insurance. For this I need a letter from Amelia's paediatrician to say that she will be ok to travel. This letter was written in February. Now that letter is considered invalid. It needs to have a current date. 2 weeks wait. Still waiting.
2. Waiting for cheaper flights. Obviously never going to happen.
3. Choosing hotels. More difficult than I realised it would be.
4. Choosing the Adventures to be had while we are in our "trip of a lifetime".
5. Passports. Cannot find Amelia's and have wrong marriage certificate. Off I go to Births, Deaths and Marriages.
6. Passport application took FOREVER. (Thanks to Emma Hull for setting aside a whole hour to go guarrantor).
7. Passport office rings. Scott and I still have valid passports from a gazillion years ago (pre kids we went to Thailand). Because I cannot find them, we must cancel them.
8. Ring to cancel passports. Half hour phoecall and then payment will not go through. System is down.

At this point I am ready to laugh like a crazy hyena, because I do not know what else to do.

9.Ring our contact at Flight Centre. "I am stressed that we want to leave in less than 3 months and we will lose all the accomodation that I want. Just needed to ring and tell you that !!!!" I say.

So as you can see, everything is happening but also ISN'T !!!!!

Today my brain feels like exploding because it is spinning with everything I need to do.

On top of all this I have NO CAR (that is probably a write off), have the Brashat night in 4 weeks and purple bruising across my body.

At least I can tell people that the kids and I survived getting hit by a bus (and a ute!).


Friday, 15 July 2011

A new name ......

I am so excited.
There has been a vote, (with myself!), to change tthe name of this Blog to ........

The Days of our Lives.

You could only tune in to this page for the next "episode" !!!!!
Everyone would look forward to see what happens with the Nicholds family next.

So stay tuned............
Who knows what is around the corner..........

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Ute, X-Trail and then .......a Bus.

Today we had a car accident.
Hopefully the worst we will ever have.

While driving home from my parents, a black ute two lanes to the left of my car, decided to drive across the two lanes (to his right)into the medium strip. He appeared to have no knowledge that my car was driving at 80km/hr in the second lane.
So as he collided with the front passenger side, where Amelia was sitting, he pushed our car onto the other side of Cranbourne Rd.
We were now "side on" to traffic, traveling at 80km/hr in the other direction.
After already experiencing one crash, I looked up to see a BIG black and white bus coming straight for us.
The "side" my children were innocently sitting was about to have a bus crash into it.

This vision will not leave my mind.
Amelia and Tom now tell me that they did not look at it. They chose to both look straight ahead. They do remember me yelling "hold on, hold on".

Personally I cannot forget the thought "this is it. We cannot possibly survive this".

After impact, and it was loud, the kids "curtain airbags" burst open.
I do believe that this helped save them.
Tom's window shattered. Both kids heads bounced into the airbags.
Tom and Amelia were screaming.
Tom vomitted, Amelia went into shock.

The amount of people that ran to help us was overwhelming.
I trusted them with my children (still near me) while I tried to comprehend what had just happened. One lady had Amelia, one had Tom. Others were trying to console me.
Our witness, who stayed with Tom for a long time afterwards rang Scott for me.
I rang mum and dad.
Scott's poor dad, after receiving a desperate phone call from Scott, came out of his house to hear all of the sirens.

The rest of the day was spent giving statements, getting checked out by paramedics and doctors and finally, trying to talk the kids through it.
Unfortunately the kids are very traumatized about the accident, but then so am I.......

My negative thinking for today......
Why Us ???
How much more can we handle ???
How many Chinamen (or whole towns) have we run over ???
At some stage people are going to move on. It is very depressing being around us....

My positive thinking for today......
We are alive and probably shouldn't be.
Say no more.........