Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hard............. (not about penis's)

Hi Everyone.

A few discussions tonight, so if you can "keep up" congratulations.

This morning I asked Scott to have a "sleep in".
I could see that the wear and tear of school holidays AND children being home sick at the start of term 3 was taking a toll on him.
Amelia and Tom returned to school today.

Before anyone berates Scott, lets look at "our morning"...........
Wake both kids up (they are getting older and no longer wake up ultra early).
Physically get Amelia out of bed and take her to the toilet.
Emtionally support Amelia as she prepares herself for the day...
"When do I leave?"
"When do I get Home?"
"What happens today at school?".

Then we need to vomit.
Yes that is the NEW thing.

This morning as she was vomiting, (after not once over school holidays) , she finishes and says "Oh good. I will be ok today now".
Yes. I think so.

Needs to wake up and do a "finger prick" to check his blood glocose levels.
"My tummy hurts. I need to stay home today".

Anxiety? Yes.

He then needs to have a measured insulin dose....based on his insulin levels.
Arguments ensue....
"NO, not now"...
"In a minute."

(we have to leave for school in 10 minutes and you still need to have breakfast and get dressed).

Mornings in this household are great!
To keep happiness, to keep positivity, to keep happy "self confidence" is hard !!!!!

From what I understand many households are similar.

To be continued.......
Kids Need Dinner.