Monday, 8 October 2012

Points Finale !!!! (Thank Goodness)

I am now bored with my "points"and will now be presenting the GRAND FINALE !!!!

It appears all "old news" to me now and I want to move on !!!!!

Scott has travelled through a more intense realisation of our current situation recently.
He is fine and not in the foetel position in the corner BUT the sadness of Amelia's deterioration has overwhelmed him on a few occasions recently.

We all have moments of realisation and they really hurt, but also get to the end of the tunnel and find sunlight....... until the next tunnel.

We have all really enjoyed the school holidays that have just ended.
Scott was working but enjoyed hearing the stories of our day (and happiness) when he came home.

And finally, Amelia's Project.
After an incredibly successful 20 months, Amelia's Project no longer has a Committee.

After creating a group so powerful and mind blowing, I told the Committee I wanted it to end now.

My energy needs to focus on Amelia and my family now.

We will be eternally thankful to Jemimah, Michelle, Cindy, Belinda and Donna.
They all worked so very hard to help our daughter, and effectively us, and there is never going to be a way to thank them enough.

Belinda and Donna now oversee the Amelia's Project bank account and I give them any receipts we have accumulated.

At this stage there will be no more active fundraising for Amelia's Project.

In the future this may change, but for now we are so humbled by what was achieved and the love and friendship that surrounded us over an incredible 20 months.

I am very happy to say that THIS blog and the Amelia's Project page on facebook will continue.
I need my therapy through writing and respect your interest in hearing of our good and bad days.