Monday, 26 August 2013

Role Reversal

My name is Amanda and I occasionally write about our crazy life and how we live with a child who is very ill.

Tonight I am delirious.
I am tired and my whole body aches.
My brain is all used up.

But I am happy.

Scott and I have had a role reversal.
It is his turn to spend time at home with the kids.
He needs the quality time with Amelia........and Tom too.
Why should I only be given that awesome memory?
No regrets at the end includes Scott too.

I am adjusting and I am quite liking it.
I just wish my 38 year old body would get with the program and handle it all better.

After my tantrum in my previous blog, I decided it was best to charge forward.
So I said my fuck, fuck, fuckity fucks and got on with the job......literally!

I am virtually working full time now.
My employment stretches to 4 different organisations.

Endota asked me to come back and do some relief work.
By the end of this week, it will be 2 full weeks.
I love working there but I am definitely "a different kettle of fish" and do not fit the classic norm of the other employees (many of you will not be surprised!).
The difference?
They are all highly professional and I am not.
My humour is not taken as well, I do a spectacular job at saying the wrong thing and I did a magnificent job at "stepping on someone's toes!".

But they keep asking me back so I must not have stained their label too much!

I am also listed with 2 government Kindergarten agencies (that was my original degree many years ago) and last week was accepted to join a major agency that hires relief staff out to Kinders and Child care centres all over Melbourne.
I have not formalised the paperwork with the final one, but when I do, I will be busy!

But the way my body is behaving, it has taken me back to the very first full time job I got.
It was 1996 and I had just finished university.
I was exhausted then and I am definitely exhausted now.
But it is definitely a happy exhausted.

Scott is now my house husband.
He cooks, he cleans, he looks after the children.
He asks questions, we debrief and I try to explain my "tricks of the trade" after 5 years at home.
The common stereotype of daytime TV and afternoon naps has been smashed to pieces for him.
He is FLAT OUT all day and all night.
He keeps adding to his list of jobs and cannot understand why there is always washing....
"I just got on top of it the other day".

Friday night he even made THE comment.
"Your job is much harder than I realised".

(women everywhere rejoice).

Scott is awesome and I am very proud of him rising to the "challenge".
(He did insist on driving me to the job interview last week and I questioned "was it to make sure I show up to it, so you did not have to go back to work?!").

Amelia is not adjusting so well.
She is like her mum.
Does not like change.
She just needs time.
At least she is verbally open about it and we can all talk it through.

Scott has said his biggest job of all is ensuring the children are emotionally secure and happy.
With so many changes in this house we have to ensure we have open discussions and explain everything to the kids.

Tom was having difficulty and chose to argue with Scott every morning.
Once I explained the concept of me earning money for the family, he seemed to settle.
The other morning as I left for work and he left with Scott for school, the whole neighbourhood heard him shout "Hey mum. How much money will you earn today?" When I answered him, he gave me a thumbs up and yelled "good work!".

Today I had a "meeting" about THE BOOK!!!!
I now have a formal strategy / agenda and a deadline.
Scott came and is very impressed with not only the feedback but the future.......  the scenario should I succeed in completing it.
The person we saw has done so much work just to help me get as far as possible at this early stage.
Hamish Blake's mum even knows about it!!! (now there is a touch of stardom for you!). This person is an angel.

Tonight as I end and get ready for bed (yes I can no longer stay up past 8pm!) I leave you with a story.

Everyone in our house keeps getting the wrong clothes put on their bed ....... (my pants do not fit Tom, Scott!), so Amelia decided to help him when folding time arose next.
She cleverly told him what article of clothing belonged to who.
As Scott held up MY bra and placed it against his chest, he jokingly asked "Is this yours?".
She scoffed and said..........
"I WISH !!!!!!!".

Speak soon.


P.s You may get to see the Thailand blog sometime before Christmas!