Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Reflection again

As another year comes to a close, I am reminded (yet again) of what is important.

The shooting massacre in Newtown, Conneticut has affected me profoundly.
The children that died were the same age as our son, Tom.
The children's personalities are being described as the same as Tom.
"Mischievious, cheeky, loved football".

Once again, I very grateful that we have been given this time with Amelia.
Time to prepare and time to give.
Time to share and time to spoil.

It will not happen in a second for us.

The parents of these children.........I just grieve for.
Presents not given.
Celebrations to never be celebrated.

If only he had of just shot himself BEFORE he shot all of those beautiful children and teachers.

Those teachers that chose to "hide" their children and when the gunman appeared pretended they were elsewhere..........only to then be gunned down themselves.

It is wrong.......very,very wrong.

I have the time.
I have the time to spend with my child.
I have the time to create the most amazing life.

I also have the time to ensure that her 6 year old brother lives life to the maximum.

Yesterday Tom brought home a report that made us so proud.
.....But anything would have made us proud.

In so many areas, Tom is at least 6 months ahead in his developement.
I am grateful that the teaching staff noticed this.

I am grateful that HE is proud of himself.

But he is happy and that is the most important thing.

Tomorrow I will be atteding the funeral of a very dear friends mother.
This "friend" came and cleaned my house when we returned from hospital 2 years ago.
She know me so well, she knew that I would need the house cleaned to try and clear my mind.......to try and cope with Amelia's very new diagnosis.

Now she is about to enter the first Christmas without her mother.
The very person that brought her into this world.
I hope that I can add a small amount of suport to her farewell.

Today Amelia brought home a box called "All about ME".
The word "happiness" had to be explained in class by each individual.

They described their favorite toys and destinations.

Amelia said "cuddling mum".

I cried.

Something so simple and yet so powerful.

I will cuddle you every moment of everyday baby girl.

Enjoy the lead up to Christams everyone and appreciate what you are so lucky to have.