Monday, 7 July 2014

Tom - Diabetes Camp

Hello everyone.

Tom and I have just returned from a "Diabetes Camp" 2 hours away.
It was something I begrudgingly applied for.


It is something SO FAR out of my comfort zone.
To leave MY house, MY shower and MY bed is HUGE !!!
But I knew the benefits for Tom were going to be MASSIVE.
I knew that he would feel "normal" there.
I knew that he would make friends with other children that need to check their blood glucose levels and need to have needles daily.

It did not stop me from asking Scott many times last week if he could go instead of me!

I REALLY struggled to get through the 2 night stay.
I was definitely not "myself".

After 24 hours though, Tom and I had begun to make some very firm friends.
For Tom it was easy......he is a kid!

We both laughed when we walked into the dining room on the first night to discover 25 children giving themselves finger pricks and needles.

I will never forget listening to a discussion between two 7 year old girls...
"Are you the only one at your school with diabetes?"
"Me too. Lets go play".

For me, I made friends after the kids went to bed.
Apparently I am part of the "rebel" group!!
(surprise, surprise!)
This was the group that snuck out to the "designated smoking area".
The following night we all met there with alcohol !
I was very "left out" when I discovered they had all stashed it sneakily into their bags when packing to come.
I , for once, had not!

On the way home today, I finally relaxed.
Tom and I discussed all that we had learnt.
His ability to assess all of the children and information astounded me.

All weekend I had battled with many thoughts.......

1. Diabetes is not as bad as Ataxia Telangiectasia. Get over it.
2. OMG. What are they talking about ? Why do I not know about this?!
3. Wow. All these parents know A LOT about diabetes.
4. Shit. I researched A-T so much. Why have I not researched diabetes to the same extent?
5. God, I am so fat.
6. Carb counting? What the fuck is carb counting?
7. Poor kids ? Ummmmmm.....there is SO much worse......
8. Your kid is experiencing a "hypo" ?! They are 1.3. Shit. Tom has never been that low. That is scary.
9. Exercise, adreneline, food, sickness, insulin dose....... so much affects their Blood Glucose Levels.
10. This bed is SO uncomfortable.
11. Oh dear. Most children have a "hypo kit" in their hands. I did not even pack jelly beans.
12. You need to change your medical team. You SHOULD know about THIS.
13. Tom is asking about "carb counting".
14. Tom gives himself his own needle......YAY!
15. Tom talks to "new best friend" about nightly BGL reading.
16. I am sooooooooo cold.
17. Information about a camp next year for all of these children.....without us parents. "They will make lifetime friends" they say. "they will learn to understand, accept and live with diabetes. They will have fun and do activities like anyone else" they said.

"Sign him up" I say.

The rebels have organised to stay smoke and drink!

Now to go shower.
There was NO WAY I was stepping foot in those showers !!!!!!!!