Saturday, 22 October 2011


Wow !!!!!

The relax side is so happening.

We have an apartment overlooking the ocean and everything we could possibly need is within walking distance.

Unfortunately I have a new addiction.
(Michelle Clark I can hear your sarcasm !!!! ).

Starbucks coffee.

I have never drunk coffee EVER, but in Los Angeles and Las Vegas my "white chocolate mocha" was my saviour.
It enabled me to play all day with the kids (after getting up extremely early to go to planned bookings) and then continue into the night.
This blog I only had time to do once the kids and Scott fell asleep.
So at 3pm everyday I would go downstairs in the past 2 hotels and get my "coffee fix" so that I could continue.
Do not know what I will do when I get home.
I just found 1 here in Hawaii.

Today we found a market.
Awesome jewellery, clothes, bags and shoes for a small price.
We have no room though !!!!
But Amelia and I stayed on anyway and got some purchases !!

Thank you to everyone for their messages in helping clean up our house from "the demolition" BUT we will organise someone.
It is no ones responsibilty but our own.
Everyone has so much on their plate already.
We would be horrified if any of friends or family did it.


Amelia exhausted at the end of "a day". Still manages to smile though !!

I have not seen this for 2 years.
Tom used to get a swollen sore mouth (not from talking !!) from cherry tomatoes.
Trying to work out what he has eaten here to cause this.

Amelia at a resturaunt for lunch yesterday.

And Tom with his fruit smoothie.

My nacho's for lunch.
I ordered an entree because I was not feeling very hungry !!!!!

Amelia and I after shopping......

Hawaiian mode.


Friday, 21 October 2011

Rest Time....

We are now in the final stage of our holiday.

We have arrived in Hawaii for some sun, swimming and rest.

We are all exhausted and tired, so it is a perfect environment for personal family time and contemplation of the past 14 days.

In review I have to say that Disneyland was the best experience so far.
Everything in Anaheim and at the Happiest place on Earth was everything and so much more than I ever dreamed it would be.

Amelia's response when I asked : Disneyland.
Scott : Vegas Baby.
Tom : everything.

Brings tears to my eyes what we have been able to do and are still doing.

Now to load some photo's before we all go swimming at the beach outside our hotel.


Our balcony here in Hawaii....AWESOME view.

The small beach alcove we are taking the kids to swim at very soon.

Waikiki Beach from our balcony.

Mr Tom in his new LA Lakers top that Uncle Stuart bought him ( the amount of people who "high five" him is funny !!!).

And the view from the other side of the balcony.

Below is Our Last Night in Vegas.
We went to watch "the fountain show" outside the Bellagio hotel (one of the more expensive hotels).

The Entrance Foyer of the Bellagio (excuse Scott's camera phone - bit blurry).

The Eiffel Tower on "The Strip".

Planet Hollywood.

Caesers Palace.

Outside the absolutely stunning "Bellagio".

And finally The Flamingo.

Hope everyone is well and happy.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Las Vegas Day 12 - 13.......

We have now gone from 2 suitcases, when we left 4 !!!!!!!

Oh dear, but by god it is good shopping here !!!!!

Imagine walking into Witchery and all of the clothes are 1/3 (minimum) the price compared to at home.
That is what it is like here.

Scott absolutely loved the shopping ( yes I know. Scott hates shopping).
But HERE he is able to get everything and anything in his size (bigger). And at the same price as I was able to get my clothing.

Yesterday I walked around with our NEW suitcase, that I bought there, and just kept putting my purchases inside it.

So exciting. I was there for 7 hours (over 150 shops) and spent $400.

I have come home with 3 pairs of leather shoes, 2 formal black dresses, 1 formal black coat, stunning clothes for the kids, 4 t-shirts, 3 long sleeve t-shirts, 4 pairs of pants and a lot more !!!!!!!
It is all quality clothing from Gap, H&M, Wet Seal, Calvin Klein, Guess, Hush Puppies, Marc Jacobs etc etc etc.

Last night my dad took Mum, Stuart and I to a Circus Solie, The Beatles.
Awesome night and very emotional.

Today we took the kids to a Dolphin Habitat, Caesar's Palace and soon the strip at night time.
Tonight we say goodbye to mum, dad and Stuart.
Tomorrow we arrive in Hawaii.

The show last night.

My gorgeous dad and I at The beatles.
(I am wearing my $13 formal black dress!!)

The Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel.

Tom watching the dolphins.

Amelia's "happy face" watching the dolphins. There was also 2 babies.

A white tiger at The Mirage.


Architecture in another gorgeous hotel - Caesars Palace.

Beautiful shopping centre.

One of the awesome clothing shops all over America. This particular one at Caesars had 3 levels !!!

Tom with Sylvester Stallone at Planet Hollywood.

And "tough" Amelia.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

PLEASE take a moment.

Out of respect to our beautiful Kel Wintle, I will not be writing an American blog today.

Her funeral is at 2pm today.

She had a husband, a 6 year old daughter and a 8 year old son.
She was younger than me.

She died suddenly of pneumonia.
Something that SHOULD be curable.
Something that Frankston Hospital should have been immediately onto.

Kel you were SO special to me.
You attended and contributed so much to Amelia's Project.
Most importantly, you were such a special friend.
I loved you.

To everyone reading this.......Family and friends.
Please know that I Hold a very dear place in my heart for each and every one of you.
You are what makes me get up and be happy everyday.
I cannot possibly tell you all enough how much I love you.
Sounds extreme but in this past year, I have learnt the value of those around me.

To everyone please take a moment to remember a life that was taken.

R.I.P. Kel
May you fly to the end of the rainbow and beyond.
I am so sorry that I cannot be there to say my final goodbye.

We will remember you forever and ever.
Amanda, Scott, Amelia and Tom xxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Vegas Baby........

Well, we arrived in Las Vegas yesterday.

I was unable to write last night because we all found the move, travel and new environment challenging.
So we all went to bed at 7pm last night hoping for a new day today.
There have still been a few meltdowns (mainly the kids today BUT ALL of us yesterday) but we are settling in.

Everything is excellent here but VERY different.
Change means adjusting and I feel ungrateful in saying it has been difficult.
Our room in unbelievable.
Incredibly luxurious and spacious.
Another good choice of hotels !!!! (And thankyou to my cousin Andrew for recommending it).
But the downside is the walk to anything, the cost of food and drink ($8.00 for a ham and cheese sandwich - but it was like 3 sandwiches high!!!), the heat and the cigarette smoke.
Everyone knows that I smoke but I NEVER subject my children to breathing it in. They have not been given the mature choice so I am definately not going to make it for them.
Every hallway, car, casino, hotel and shop seems to smell of smoke.

The heat is difficult because you need to walk FAR to everything.

SO today I did a positive rethink.
What did we come here for?
Food Buffets - Scott almost cried at Breakfast at the size of the buffet.
Swimming - The pool is close so the kids spent 2 hours in it today.
Shopping - Scott, Stuart and I are going to a Premium Outlet Centre tomorrow while mum and dad look after the kids.
The Strip - To see all the "fancy" hotels with their lights, fountains and architecture.
Today we learnt that it is too hot to go to the strip in daytime. We had to get a cab home. So one night we will do a basic tour on a open roof double decker bus.
We are actually now all enjoying some down time after the extremely busy Disneyland.

And the people here.........
Walking in front of us yesterday was a very tall, slim woman with a "tiny" white bikini on and platform shoes.
Everyone is gorgeous, slim and has designer brand everything.
We feel like having signs around our necks that say "Beverley Hillbillies!!!!!!".

Tonight - My dad has taken Scott and Stuart to a "show". Hmmmmmm men only.
Tomorrow - Shopping and then mum and dad are taking me to a show (not anywhere near like the one mentioned above !!).
Tuesday - mum and dad shop. Take kids to strip at night time and then Scott and I go out for a couple of hours.

Photo time !!!!!!!

THE Breakfast Buffet - All you can eat (and this is about 1/4 of it).

And more of it......

Amelia at the buffet breakfast with her "princess" ring.

The Lion Habitat inside our hotel. This is the lion cubs.

Just like little puppies !!!!

After hearing a "massive roar" near us I saw this large group of people watching American Football on a TV screen. A lot of barracking going on !!

Here the kids just walk through the casino's. So I chose to tell the children about "gambling". I said they all think that they will win money but they won't !!!!

The monorail from our hotel to other hotels.My mum, dad, Stuart and Tom.

And Miss Amelia.

The Venetian Hotel - spectacular.

The painted ceiling inside the hotel - amazing. So beautiful.

The entrance foyer at The Venetian. Amelia wants a "chandelier" at home !!


The shops in The Venetian Hotel. That sky is painted on the ceiling!!!!

Amelia getting out of the swimming pool at our hotel.

And Mr Tom.

The view of our Hotel from the pool.

Happy little swimmers.

Scott, Amelia and Tom.

Amelia and Tom on our balcony looking down on the pool.

And the view of the buildings.

Every time I walk past this suitcase I laugh. It is our purchases so far. Shopping tommorow....... Think I may need to put a suitcase on that list.

Amelia pushing nana down at The Strip !!!

The Pirate Ship at The Treasure Island Hotel. Tom was very excited !!!!

The Kitchen in our hotel is HUGE.

And the bathroom is more than 2 times bigger than the kitchen !!!!!

And our King Size Bed !!! ( there is also a fold out in the living room) .

So I will let you all know how many new suitcases I REALLY need to buy next time !!!!!!