Monday, 17 October 2011

Vegas Baby........

Well, we arrived in Las Vegas yesterday.

I was unable to write last night because we all found the move, travel and new environment challenging.
So we all went to bed at 7pm last night hoping for a new day today.
There have still been a few meltdowns (mainly the kids today BUT ALL of us yesterday) but we are settling in.

Everything is excellent here but VERY different.
Change means adjusting and I feel ungrateful in saying it has been difficult.
Our room in unbelievable.
Incredibly luxurious and spacious.
Another good choice of hotels !!!! (And thankyou to my cousin Andrew for recommending it).
But the downside is the walk to anything, the cost of food and drink ($8.00 for a ham and cheese sandwich - but it was like 3 sandwiches high!!!), the heat and the cigarette smoke.
Everyone knows that I smoke but I NEVER subject my children to breathing it in. They have not been given the mature choice so I am definately not going to make it for them.
Every hallway, car, casino, hotel and shop seems to smell of smoke.

The heat is difficult because you need to walk FAR to everything.

SO today I did a positive rethink.
What did we come here for?
Food Buffets - Scott almost cried at Breakfast at the size of the buffet.
Swimming - The pool is close so the kids spent 2 hours in it today.
Shopping - Scott, Stuart and I are going to a Premium Outlet Centre tomorrow while mum and dad look after the kids.
The Strip - To see all the "fancy" hotels with their lights, fountains and architecture.
Today we learnt that it is too hot to go to the strip in daytime. We had to get a cab home. So one night we will do a basic tour on a open roof double decker bus.
We are actually now all enjoying some down time after the extremely busy Disneyland.

And the people here.........
Walking in front of us yesterday was a very tall, slim woman with a "tiny" white bikini on and platform shoes.
Everyone is gorgeous, slim and has designer brand everything.
We feel like having signs around our necks that say "Beverley Hillbillies!!!!!!".

Tonight - My dad has taken Scott and Stuart to a "show". Hmmmmmm men only.
Tomorrow - Shopping and then mum and dad are taking me to a show (not anywhere near like the one mentioned above !!).
Tuesday - mum and dad shop. Take kids to strip at night time and then Scott and I go out for a couple of hours.

Photo time !!!!!!!

THE Breakfast Buffet - All you can eat (and this is about 1/4 of it).

And more of it......

Amelia at the buffet breakfast with her "princess" ring.

The Lion Habitat inside our hotel. This is the lion cubs.

Just like little puppies !!!!

After hearing a "massive roar" near us I saw this large group of people watching American Football on a TV screen. A lot of barracking going on !!

Here the kids just walk through the casino's. So I chose to tell the children about "gambling". I said they all think that they will win money but they won't !!!!

The monorail from our hotel to other hotels.My mum, dad, Stuart and Tom.

And Miss Amelia.

The Venetian Hotel - spectacular.

The painted ceiling inside the hotel - amazing. So beautiful.

The entrance foyer at The Venetian. Amelia wants a "chandelier" at home !!


The shops in The Venetian Hotel. That sky is painted on the ceiling!!!!

Amelia getting out of the swimming pool at our hotel.

And Mr Tom.

The view of our Hotel from the pool.

Happy little swimmers.

Scott, Amelia and Tom.

Amelia and Tom on our balcony looking down on the pool.

And the view of the buildings.

Every time I walk past this suitcase I laugh. It is our purchases so far. Shopping tommorow....... Think I may need to put a suitcase on that list.

Amelia pushing nana down at The Strip !!!

The Pirate Ship at The Treasure Island Hotel. Tom was very excited !!!!

The Kitchen in our hotel is HUGE.

And the bathroom is more than 2 times bigger than the kitchen !!!!!

And our King Size Bed !!! ( there is also a fold out in the living room) .

So I will let you all know how many new suitcases I REALLY need to buy next time !!!!!!


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