Sunday, 1 April 2012

A debate.

There has been some debate over my previous blog.

My comments on people constantly complaining about minor issues is something I do feel very strongly about.

As with anything I write, it IS to do with people in MY life.

I have been where these people are.
People face to face, on FB or on the phone.

Scott and I had a PLAN.

Like anyone else, we were going to get the ULTIMATE house.
(We bought our first at 21!).
Have the ULTIMATE cars.
And live the ULTIMATE lives full of friends, family and really happy times.

Then we fell pregnant with Amelia.

So our focus moved to a happy and safe environment for our children.
The mother being the only caregiver till Primary School.
Surrounding our child with caring and good friends.
And only the BEST schools.

Now it has all changed.

We just want our daughter to stop deteriorating in front of us.
We want to stop visualising her brain cells dying....never to be replaced.

Our hopes and dreams have changed dramatically.

We now see people complain about "private schools" and "shares" and "trust funds" and realise how different our life is now.
Even WHICH High School is not so important.

Here we just want our daughter to stay alive until 20 and they worry about "setting themselves up for the future".

I know the saying each to their own BUT sometimes I would just like to introduce to them
"The Disaster Scale".
With husband dying and yourself being diagnosed with a terminal illness at the top.
And your child having a tantrum near the bottom.

I have a new perspective in this house.

Try and imagine what your life would be like if a "disaster" did happen in your house.

It changes everything.

Friday's blog was just asking everyone to just STOP for a minute.
STOP complaining about small issues.
Be grateful that no one is dying or has died in your house.

Because THAT is a disaster.