Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Pink Princess

 Explanation for my pink princess below....

As always a lot has been happening around here.

A lot.

But today I would like to talk about Amelia.

It is Amelia's 10th Birthday next week.
Her disco party is on Saturday.
It will be small, (considering the amount of children that have attended her parties in the past), but she is in total control of this one.

For someone who is developing into a young woman she is slowly changing.......
It is a good change though.

I have enjoyed planning her party with her.
She tells me what food, I either order, make or buy it.
She demands I take her to the shops to look for party decorations.
I wheel her chair around while she constantly yells "Wait! Back!".
Amelia will take something off the shelf, put it in her lap or hand it to the slave (me) behind her and then demands we go pay for it.

Today I mentioned that I will go and look at the party shops that her wheelchair cannot get in to.
"But.....I may not like what you get" she said.

Total control.
It is funny and such a change for her.

Two years ago she questioned the mainstream school she was attending whether she could get permanent pink highlights in her hair.
They said no. It is against the rules.
She pointed out the funky prep teacher with pink hair.
"You are a child. She is an adult" she was told.

Last night the beautiful Jade Price came round and put pink highlights in her hair.
It is part of her birthday present from Scott and I.
(Amelia cannot wait to go and show the "old" school that she has it!).

It was an experience that I had not prepared her for.
She could not understand the "foils", the time it takes and the procedure that needed to be followed.
Due to her confusion she worried, became grumpy and complained.

Finally when it was all washed and dried.....she smiled.

She loves it.
Scott and I love it.
Tom was even full of praise!

After much discussion, thought and advice, the presents are even changing.
Money, gift vouchers, perfume and earings are all top of the list.
Itunes cards, music and tickets to the Aquarium are also popular.

Amelia is laying in bed for 2 hours every night this week struggling to fall asleep.
"I am just so excited about my birthday" she says.

So to recap on the family as a whole......
Tom begged Scott to shave his head recently (he is now a skinhead), Scott has decided to relive his youth and repierced his earing through last night and my daughter has bright pink streaks through her hair.

I may need to get with the times..............
I am the only one not being creative and eccentric now!!!!!