Sunday, 25 November 2012


Really, really happy right now.

I always approach "these times" with trepidation but so far we are all still traveling along this road of contentment.

Scott, Amelia, Tom and myself are genuinely happy and content.

I know what the future holds for us, I am watching it slowly happen in front of me.

BUT we are enjoying the here and now..........SO MUCH !!!!

There is absolutely no use sulking and worrying about the future when we have the here and now.
I can honestly say that these feelings have been occuring for two months now (for all of us), so that is good !

The loss of weight on Scott and my part has made a massive contribution on our parts.
We feel happier.
We feel more energised.
We feel more motivated to LIVE life.

Tom is always happy, so he has NOT changed.

Amelia, on the other hand, is very different.

Amelia is happy, content and full of spunk.

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

She is quick with her "one liners" and her ability to tell you if she does or does not like something.
She is very, very vocal constantly now.
Amelia has a list of "jobs" for me constantly and hassles me until they are completed.

I LOVE IT !!!!!

Amelia and Tom are "getting along" famously and the laughter from the 2 of them is wonderful.
The opposite now happens than previously.
Amelia "cracks it" and complains....................... while Tom adjusts and is co-operative.

Just now (while I am typing) my brother, Stuart, arrived to play with Tom.
Regularly they play "kick to kick".
Amelia was very vocal in telling him that "you always play with Tom and not me".

LOVE IT !!!!!

The enthusiasm for Christmas is also contagious.
Many of you may remember that Amelia wanted all of our decorations set up when we returned from hospital, almost 2 years ago.
We had just returned from "the diagnosis of all diagnosis's" and while Scott and I are trying our best "to hold it together", Amelia wants to decorate for Christmas.
Last bloody thing we wanted to do.

Anyway, she is looking at the junk mail constantly and with her new shopping addiction, finding what she wants to purchase.
Thankfully, explaining that we do not have the money is enough to subside her obsession to SPEND !

Today, my glorious husband, sold his treasured motorbike.
Our new life means we need only the money, but also his heart beating.
He is also selling HIS car.
Now we have the wheelchair accessible van and a "yuppy" 4 wheel drive for equipment, we no longer need his sedan.

But we have a saying in our house.
It is used constantly.
"Get over it" and "Move on" are used a lot.

As my Scott loses all of his "prized possesions" the kids and I have been heard to giggle while muttering these words.

The $14,000 Communication Device came home on Friday.
I was extremely sceptical on how it could help Amelia communicate, but I can honestly say, I am converted !
Internet, communication and camera.
The staff at Amelia's special school have worked so hard on it for the last 4 weeks.
When we press about "Amelia's brother" it says "My name is Tom. I am a little bit crazy" !!!!!!!

Love, Love, Love it !!!!!

Make the choices that you need for your own life.
It not only makes you so much happier BUT it is so, so important.