Friday, 12 August 2011

THE Gala Night

Outfit - check.
Outfit shortened - check.
Hair - Check.
Nails - check.
Lots of donations - check.

All ready for tomorrow night !!!

Speak to everyone Sunday.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Gala Night this Saturday ........

This Saturday night is The Melbourne Gala night for Brashat.
It will be the first one that we are attending.
We are so very fortunate to have 4 tables attending from Amelia's Project.
It is a MASSIVE ask and I am very grateful to all of those people that are making a huge effort to join us.

But the biggest thing I am so excited about is the speeches.
So many of you have been so saddened and so supportive of Amelia's disease.
But on Saturday night everyone will hear the amazing work that is being done to find treatment or a cure.

Reading and researching on the Internet is nothing compared to hearing these amazing people speak.
I cannot wait to hear them again.
I cannot wait for YOU to hear them speak.
I cannot wait to watch the HOPE emotion take over you, like it did me.

The answers may not be found in Amelia's lifetime, but after listening to everyone speak, you will walk away thinking ...........maybe it can be.


Monday, 8 August 2011

A Very Happy BLOG ........

What a wonderful day !!!!!

It began with huge smiles from Amelia.
For the first time in a while she was really happy.
And it continued after school right up until bedtime.

It may be the fact her OT has taught her a new technique for getting dressed each day (she has not been able to do it for about 10 months). The last 3 mornings she has been so proud of herself succeeding each morning.

Or maybe the letter she wrote to another AT child last night.
She spoke of crying if you are sad, being happy and having fun.
Maybe through writing this she reminded herself to smile.

Or possibly the "real mermaid" we found on FB last night. She has her own FB page.
She has a beautiful tail and swims like she is a real mermaid.
Amelia watched her video's and saw her talk and was captivated.
So we sent her a email.
We asked her wherabouts in Los Angeles (where she moved to from Byron Bay) in the time that we are visiting.
For years I have watched Amelia throw a coin into wishing wells and blow birthday candles while wishing to BE or SEE a real mermaid.
Hopefully she is doing a show or appearance somewhere, when we are there.

Having Amelia so happy today has made a HUGE difference to my day.

And Tom, as usual, has been very entertaining.
Today our house was "The Block".
Tom had paintbrushes, hammers and a large blackboard.
He is amazing to watch when his creativity and imagination are in overdrive.

And finally, Scott is home and getting a little bit better each day.

So, I will go to bed very content tonight with this feeling of happiness.........


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Moving on......

Scott FINALLY came home from hospital yesterday.
A 5 1/2 day stay.
As he arrived home (thankyou Russell for getting him), I was walking out the door.
Both kids had Birthday parties to attend.
He is still getting better, but at least he can do it from home now.

I am looking forward to not trying to work out when we can go to the hospital each day.

The beginning of the week was difficult.
The kids were very emotional, especially when we had to say goodbye to Scott each time.

Amelia had 3 appointments on Wednesday.
I had my MRI for Breast cancer (precautionary measure) on Thursday.
And then throw in a school meeting.
Finally I had to find an outfit for the Brashat Gala next weekend.

So a busy week.

But I am very proud to say that by the end of it both children were very happy.
So I must have done something right.

I cannot describe how I feel when Amelia comes out of class at the end of the day with a big smile on her face.
Normally it is a face of tiredness and concentration.
At the end of this week it was a big smile.

Tom has been full of conversation and loving cuddles.

They are both now very happy to have their daddy home.

Someone asked me yesterday "are you excited about Disneyland?".
Without appearing negative, I actually have not had time in the last few weeks to sit back and think about it, let alone get excited.
As we all sit in front of an open fire today, maybe I will let my mind wander to imagine and dream about the adventure in 8 weeks time.
(while enjoying the beautiful cuddles our children are giving out in bucket loads at the moment)....