Thursday, 6 March 2014

Don't tell anyone

Shhhhhhh........ I have a secret.

Please do not tell anyone because it may "jinx" us.

2014 is turning out pretty good.

I have a job that I am really starting to love.
My sarcastic humour is starting to come back (thank god!) and Scott and the kids are really enjoying life.

Cannot get much better than that.

This morning, Tom styled his own hair......
It is spiky !!!!

Amelia has become quite relaxed in speaking up when she needs "time out".
Tom is Tom and we love him.
Scott is becoming more involved in the schools, home duties and smelling the roses.

Today, something hilarious happened.
I try to take Tom into school every Thursday.
I try to check in with his teacher and make sure he is ok (especially behaviour wise).

As we walked across the school crossing today, I was heard to loudly announce "Oh crap. Do you have a day off tomorrow Tom?" I ask. (Curriculum Day).
Because it has not been mentioned at home, I realise it has not been noted.

Scott had something exciting happen last week.
Something I cannot talk about (why am I surrounded by situations I cannot talk about?!).
Anyway.......he is busy EVERY Friday........ possibly helping someone.

Tom has a day off school.

Enter saviour Number 1 "he can come and play at our house".
Tom rarely plays at ANYONE'S house, so he is SO excited!

Amelia has been invited for a birthday party sleepover.
Another person excited.

I am loving so many areas of my work BUT I am NOT allowed to talk about it (jeez!).

Reminding you the of the story....... back to our morning..........
Tom comes running out after morning bell and says 
"Mum it is school photo day. I do not have my form or my money".

I look at his spikey hair and REALLY laugh.

2014 is going to be a year to remember......
for all the right reasons.