Friday, 18 April 2014

Date Night

Hello Everyone.

Last night Scott and I went out for a "romantic dinner".

A very kind person insisted on taking our kids to the Drive-In.
(I am learning that I cannot relax and enjoy unless the kids are having "equal, if not more" fun than me).

Last night we arrived for a very rare (once a year) dinner at a very rough part of Frankston.
The entrance gave no clue to what was inside.

As we were taken to our table, we were blown away with the atmosphere inside the place.
Very Thailand and Balinese.
The menu was extensive.
So much to choose from!

I checked us in to this amazing destination on Facebook.
It was worthy of mentioning.

Scott and I were really enjoying ourselves.
We spoke about life, our different situation with Amelia and Tom, his 40th Birthday Party and the fact that we cannot go out.

No one will can have our kids and contribute to their amazing lives.

Suddenly all of the other diners went silence.
The waiter said "I will turn the volume up".

Scott and I stopped talking and looked around curiously.

Loud speakers behind our table kicked into gear.......
"My name is Forest."
"Forest Gump".

I noticed a large projector screen in front of the majority of the patrons beginning a famous movie.

I looked at Scott wide eyed, because the speaker noise was deafening.

"Life is like a box of chocolates" we hear through the speakers.

Scott and I lost it laughing.
We seriously looked at each other and laughed in disbelief.

We have found THE most romantic, beautiful place to reconnect as a couple and.....

Our record of bad luck was continuing and it was HYSTERICAL!

So as Forest Gump continued, Scott and I continued our married converstaion over the dialogue.
(Scott kept saying "hello" as I diverted my eyes from the screen saying "I haven't seen this movie for so long!).

Just how our luck goes really.

Us and the kids had an awesome night !!!!!

Look at the bright side people.