Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Hello Everyone.

I would like to begin with....."Hats off to all working mums".
It is hard and I have it easy with Scott at home.

Before I close my eyes for the night, I would like to talk about tomorrow.

Over the holidays, Amelia started having "dreams" about returning to her mainstream school.
The realisation of her birthday approaching and the "friends" that keep leaving her for the Secondary Department of her Special School, has made her reflect on who her friends are now.

There are not many that she sees and interacts with anymore.

After much discussion, I began by contacting her Special School.
I spoke to the Welfare Officer and asked if she could attend the "Girls Club" in the Secondary Department.
This would enable her to socialise with all of the friends she has made in the last 2 years.

After much thought I rang my favorite person at her mainstream school.
It is the same school that Tom attends now.

This person stood up for Amelia, very quickly, when she was being bullied in Grade 1.
He also stopped her doing any homework (because of her fatigue) in Grade 2.
He also established a "special olympic's" very quickly when he realised Amelia was unable to compete in the days activities of the 2012 Olympics.
In Grade 3 when Amelia made the monumental comment of "I do not belong here anymore" (and I know so many of you cried with me that day) he made sure her final day the following week was "amazing".

(Lets forget about the moment when he broke his back and I told the whole world via Facebook!).

Anyway........ I explained to this amazing man Amelia's current thought process and struggle with the friendship connections she has lost.
After explaining "we do not want her to start attending again, just visit"....... this man reacted the way he always does....

HIM : "Bring her in next week at Lunchtime and we will let her out with the hounds".
ME : "I have my Working With Children Check. I will stay".
HIM : "No you will not. You will go and have coffee. She will be fine with us".

Amelia's excitement at the moment is immeasurable.
She cannot wait to see all of her old friends.

I just hope that the children love and accept her like they always used to.
I hope that they understand that her brain still functions like theirs.
I hope they understand her slow processing and slow speech.
I hope that they come down to eye contact and talk at a normal pace.

I hope that they make her feel welcome.

As Tom and Georgia.... (the beautiful, protective child across the road).... FIGHT over WHO will have Amelia as "Show and Tell".
As Amelia yells at them laughing "I am NOT a toy"..........

I hope that she has the most wonderful, amazing and memorable day that she dreams she will have.

I hope that they make her feel normal.