Monday, 24 October 2011

Hawaii photo's

Just photo's today.
Too exhausted after a fun but difficult play at the beach with the kids.
(Amelia could not walk when she got out of the water).
Scott supervised Tom and carried ALL our belongings (towels, lilo, shoes etc) while I tried to support Amelia.

The sign at the beach for the last 2 days.
Other people were swimming but we did not want to risk it.
Amelia was stung by a jellyfish 5 years ago and by the screaming and red rash I think it may sting !!!!

Another stage of my shopping expedition.
So much fun bartering !!!!!!!

Because of the jellyfish we took the kids (and their new snorkel and mask) to the hotel pool instead.
I think Amelia is all ready for a swim !!!!

Tom jumped in straight away !!!

A magic jewel we discovered last night. On the way to dinner we stumbled across this amazing place right on the beach.
So we ate there and then went and sat on the sand.
Beautiful night.

At this amazing place BEFORE it got dark.

Cheeky !!!

And extremely cheeky !!!!

3 more sleeps in Hawaii and then home.

Only if you want to ........

Hello Angels,
I am absolutely horrified to ask this (or accept the offers of help) but I have been left with no other option.
Our house is apparently a bit of a disaster !!!!!
The bathrooms apparently look awesome !!!!

So apparently a small group are going to our house on Thursday.
So the co-ordinator is Jane Guinea (Scott's sister) with the help of Russell Nicholds and my dad.
Jane will be there from 10:30am Thurs.
If you want to go and help then we would be forever grateful.

The builders will still be finishing up BUT I do not mind kids going and playing in the toy room, watching TV or going in the backyard AT ALL.
(Wine for the adults is optional..... lol)

It feels soooo rude writing this.............


And just will get to see the bathrooms before us !!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Reflection - America

This could be a dangerous part to the holiday - Reflection.

To think about what we have done and why we had to do it.

But at the moment I am finding that it is all a mixture of positive and negative.

In Anaheim, Los Angeles, the people "serving" us were prime examples of Customer Service.
Everyone was happy and completely at our disposal.
They opened EVERY door for you, wanted to assist you with ANY enquiry and never ever disagreed.

This is where we began to learn about the "tipping" service which is virtually mandatory anywhere in America.
If they give good service you have to pay a fee of "gratuity".
Sometimes it just appears on your bill.
Other times you are just expected to leave the appropriate amount.
The appropriate amount is 15 - 20%.
So if you spent $100 at dinner it is expected that you leave $15 -$20.
Unheard of in Australia.
And very difficult to part with that kind of money here now.
The most that we have left so far is $10.

But some people do not work for a wage.
They give good service, they work for their tips.
Very different to home.

So I chose to appreciate their happiness instead.
NOT that they expected money for it.

Inside Disneyland there was happiness constantly with NO expectation of a tip.
They do work for a wage.
They call it "the happiest place on earth" and I can say it definately is.
Not only the workers but ALL the visitors were happy too.
It was just such a beautiful place.

Where else would you happily line up for a ride for 40 minutes ??!!!
You didn't care because the "line" was a ride within itself.
Everyone walked through a process (for 40 minutes) before they climbed on the ride.
In the beginning we would not line up because the wait was so long.
We learnt very quickly that this wait time is "standard".
Then we saw how fun the wait can be.

In 9 days we did not see everything in Disneyland, California Adventure or Downtown Disney that we could of.
We also know that we could not have possibly squeezed anymore in.
Morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening were extremely busy.
For 9 days !!!!!!!

My memories of Disneyland (and hopefully Amelia's, Scott's and Tom's) will be lifelong.
It is a magical place.

Before I finish I would like to comment on other members of the "public".

Almost every single person, young AND old, had Mickey Mouse ears or similar on.
Men with tattoo's wearing Donald Duck t-shirts.
20 year old men wearing a Goofy hat.
Women of all ages wearing Minnie Mouse Clips.

Every single person had something "Disneyland" on.
You actually felt out of place with "normal" clothing !!!!

I loved it !!!!!!
It helped set the scene.

Anyway, more analogy tomorrow.
Dinner time in Hawaii.