Sunday, 12 October 2014

Role reversal - reversed

Hello everyone.

Tomorrow is the start of  "role reversal - reversed".
Scott begins full time work again.
His best friend has been able to get him a position at the place where Scott originally got him a position.

I am so proud of the effort and achievement he had through being an "at home dad".
The kids have loved having him at home and will need some adjusting to get used to having him gone again.

One example is icecream.
Scott regularly gives the kids ice cream after dinner.
I don't.
The other night while watching TV, I announced "shower and bedtime next ad".
"But I haven't had ice cream yet" Miss Amelia said.
"You do not need ice cream tonight Amelia. We are not going to have it" I said.
As I walked Amelia down to the shower, she repeatedly said "You have hurt my heart".
In the shower she said "You have broken my heart".
She said it over and over while looking at me with "puppy dog eyes".
Scott dried her, put her PJ's on and put her to bed.

I went in to say goodnight.......... with sticky tape.
I started pulling strips off.
I handed them to her and said "these are for your heart".
She looked at me with disgust!

This weekend Scott and I went away to the city.
It had been planned for months.
The original plans were that Amelia was going away on a camp with Yooralla and Tom was going to mum and dads.
My dad went into hospital last week with an unknown condition.
7 days later it is still unknown.
They could not have Tom obviously, so plans were made for him to go to someones house that we happily assist regularly.

We had an awesome Saturday afternoon and night as a "couple".
Yummy cocktails (for me!) and delicious dinner.
Something that we never get to do.
The weekend was cut short on the Sunday but we still had a great time.

Tomorrow we begin another new stage.
Wish us luck.

(If you have been invited to my 40th and have not replied then please do so!)