Saturday, 26 November 2011

Warm and fuzzy

Feeling very warm and fuzzy right now.

Amelia has invited a school friend to stay tonight.
This little girl is new to our lives this year and she is absolutely beautiful.
She treats Amelia as an equal.
But she does things that she would not have to do with other children.
When she is talking to Amelia she says her name and waits until she knows Amelia is listening.
A child of 8 years old that is so patient, caring and accepting makes me very emotional.

I regularly see children talking to Amelia loud.....slow.....and over pronounced at school.
When I have discussed it with Amelia she says "I hate it".

This little friend knows that Amelia is just like her.
She just needs to focus her attention on you to particpate in conversation and games.

Absolutely fascinating to watch.


Friday, 25 November 2011

Some happy news ........

At the moment I feel like I have taken a valium.
My whole day is in slow motion.
I have no caffeine or any kind of substance in me to make me move and think faster.
Today I looked at my speedo on the dashboard of my car because I felt like I was doing 20km/hr.
I was travelling at 60km.
In 2 days I have already lost 2kg.
The diet explains that you lose a lot of built up fluid and toxins from your system in the first few days.
I am looking at my urine and it actually looks like wine !!!!!!!
(sorry for the visual!!!).

Anyway, today I was told that Amelia has come back a different person from America.
Her teacher said that she is doing really well.
She seems refreshed, happier and has more energy.
(I tried to refrain from explaining what she is currently like at home but couldn't help myself !!).
It has made me smile to know that some of the "old Amelia" is still alive.
I miss the constant smiles.........

Yesterday Amelia and I started and finished a project for school.
Sorry, I mean Amelia pushed me away and told me when to come back and help her.
She did not like any of my ideas.
I was just a slave doing what she told me to do.

She LOVED making this project.
It reminded me of her enthusiasm to complete projects last year.
So, I have decided that we are going to try and do 1 project a fortnight.
Something that is beneficial to her learning.
First on my list is money.
At the moment she has no idea about our currency and what it is worth.

I am looking forward to helping her learn life's basics because up until now she has not been co-operative or enthusiastic to me trying to help her learn.
I have found a way that she likes so I am happy about that.
Hopefully Tom will want to join in too.

And finally.......Tom.
His NEW favorite word is "Desperate".
"I was so desperate to get that chocolate".
"I have been so desperate at Kinder to get "the star of the day" ".
"I am looking desperate mum".

Had me laughing all afternoon !!!!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Very bland and boring.......

Tonight I come to you a very different person.

Bland and boring.
(although some may say there is no change then!).

I have begun the diet from hell.
It works.
After losing an average of 2 kg a week 12 months ago, I know it does.

Then Amelia was admitted to hospital and our whole world was turned upside down.
On day 3 I ran down to Macca's on the ground floor to begin my emotional eating.
Best chicken caesar I have EVER had.
On Day 4 the beautiful Donna brought a bottle of wine in for me to drown my sorrows.
End of diet.
But the 11 kg I had lost stayed away for a few months.......

So now I begin again.......

My motivation ???

90% of my wardrobe no longer fits (even some of the America clothes).
I am soooo tired all of the time.
I have always wondered what it was like to be a yummy mummy.
(do not laugh....I have !!!).
And finally Queensland in January.
We are going to stay with a gorgeous friend (and please take the word gorgeous literally) and her 4 beautiful daughters.

Now the older 2 girls are in their teens.
They are taller than me and have figures like supermodels.
The mother ?
Well you just want to hit her on the head with a hammer.
Drop dead gorgeous and absolutely no indication that she has carried 4 babies. avoid getting rolled out to sea to join my "whale" relatives, I am aiming to look ........ thinner.
Plus it will make me feel good !!!

So I will now begin writing with no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, carbs OR chocolate within this unhealthy body.

Let me begin with my "little cherub" Amelia.
She is currently behaving like any 8 year old girl.
Her behaviour is stubborn and defiant.
She will not co-operate or help me.
Amelia needs a lot done for her or at least extra assistance with any task.
When her behaviour is like I have mentioned, it makes EVERYTHING difficult.
She is yelling at me rudely and storming away constantly.

BUT she is falling over a lot more.
She cannot stand without losing her balance.
She can no longer "spoon" most foods into her mouth at meal times.

Ataxia Telangiectasia is a very cruel disease.

My other "little cherub" Tom, is behaving good then bad, good then bad.
I cannot keep up with his mood swings, especially his angry outbursts.
But when he is nice, he is very very nice !!

And Scott, "the big cherub" ?
Plodding along as usual.
No change in HIS behaviour.
Thank goodness. I cannot send him to his room !!!

So now I will go and wait to begin bouncing out of bed again once all of the "toxins" are flushed away (with my 2 litres of water a day !!!).