Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Very bland and boring.......

Tonight I come to you a very different person.

Bland and boring.
(although some may say there is no change then!).

I have begun the diet from hell.
It works.
After losing an average of 2 kg a week 12 months ago, I know it does.

Then Amelia was admitted to hospital and our whole world was turned upside down.
On day 3 I ran down to Macca's on the ground floor to begin my emotional eating.
Best chicken caesar I have EVER had.
On Day 4 the beautiful Donna brought a bottle of wine in for me to drown my sorrows.
End of diet.
But the 11 kg I had lost stayed away for a few months.......

So now I begin again.......

My motivation ???

90% of my wardrobe no longer fits (even some of the America clothes).
I am soooo tired all of the time.
I have always wondered what it was like to be a yummy mummy.
(do not laugh....I have !!!).
And finally Queensland in January.
We are going to stay with a gorgeous friend (and please take the word gorgeous literally) and her 4 beautiful daughters.

Now the older 2 girls are in their teens.
They are taller than me and have figures like supermodels.
The mother ?
Well you just want to hit her on the head with a hammer.
Drop dead gorgeous and absolutely no indication that she has carried 4 babies.
So.....to avoid getting rolled out to sea to join my "whale" relatives, I am aiming to look ........ thinner.
Plus it will make me feel good !!!

So I will now begin writing with no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, carbs OR chocolate within this unhealthy body.

Let me begin with my "little cherub" Amelia.
She is currently behaving like any 8 year old girl.
Her behaviour is stubborn and defiant.
She will not co-operate or help me.
Amelia needs a lot done for her or at least extra assistance with any task.
When her behaviour is like I have mentioned, it makes EVERYTHING difficult.
She is yelling at me rudely and storming away constantly.

BUT she is falling over a lot more.
She cannot stand without losing her balance.
She can no longer "spoon" most foods into her mouth at meal times.

Ataxia Telangiectasia is a very cruel disease.

My other "little cherub" Tom, is behaving good then bad, good then bad.
I cannot keep up with his mood swings, especially his angry outbursts.
But when he is nice, he is very very nice !!

And Scott, "the big cherub" ?
Plodding along as usual.
No change in HIS behaviour.
Thank goodness. I cannot send him to his room !!!

So now I will go and wait to begin bouncing out of bed again once all of the "toxins" are flushed away (with my 2 litres of water a day !!!).


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