Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Still Pro-active

My brain is in overdrive.
There is so much happening.
Lucky I just had a weekend of sleeping, sitting on a couch and filling my mouth with food and drink!

Yes people. You heard that right.

My husband threw me out on Friday afternoon.
Told me to go to my parents empty flat in the city and not come home until Sunday.


Just what the doctor ordered.

As I was leaving Tom became very clingy (normally it is Amelia).
The kids have become very used to the WHOLE family being at home day and night.
Despite my mother guilt, I was able to say "I need to go so that I can be a better mum next week".

Both children accepted this comment and enjoyed a fabulous weekend with their dad.

I, on the other hand, read and became obsessed with a new TV show on DVD.....
Friday Night Lights.

Scott had both kids on his own while I lived the life of laziness.

Sunday night, Scott's best friend from Primary School (and his wife), requested both of our children for a sleepover.
I returned from the flat to help back their bags, drop them off and then go out for tea with my husband.

Something like this appears so small........ but it is actually HUGE !

No responding to Amelia's calls of assistance and what Tom should eat.
No helping Amelia to eat or drink and when Tom needs his next needle.

Just PURE adult time and adult talk.
(Not dirty for those with dirty minds).

The novel of information that Scott read out before we left was bordering on hilarious.
What both children "need" and how to look after them IS a novel.
It was wonderful to see Scott take charge and make sure everything is understood for both kids.

Danny and Donna are such amazing friends.
With two young children of their own, they also took on ours.
I will never be able to explain the effect it had on Scott and I as parents, a married couple AND as individual people.

On Monday, Scott had a meeting with centre link (government assistance in Australia).
A special person chose to help us work through the maze of what is available to us.
She works there, so that helps.

Scott walked in to that office with a folder FULL of forms filled out (with the assistance of this friend).
It is applications for things that we had never heard about.
This angel spent time on her holidays, HERE, doing work.
We will be FOREVER grateful.

He came back out of centre link in shock.

We have had no income since I stopped working on December 6th.

From what they told him, over 2 hours, we will actually have enough money to pay the bills now.
We will not lose the house.

Scott and I do not have the financial stress that has been causing so many arguments.

So different than how we planned our life.

No one will ever understand how this house is like a hospital ward.
Needles, toileting, eating, entertainment/activities and emotional stability.

But as I said to Scott Sunday night......
"We are good people. We have been handed these two children for a reason".

Amazing life, no matter what.
Amazing life.
We can do this.