Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Update Number 59372618

Hello everyone.
Long time no speak.

At the moment I am suffering a post hangover.
I think that a POST hangover is much worse than just the hangover.
The post hangover means days of tiredness and feeling rundown.
I have a sore throat and a small ulcer on my tongue.
I just want to sleep.

But I am in recovery mode from an awesome weekend.
So many laughs, drinks and food.

Now... do not fall off your chair BUT I am actually going to do un UPDATE on Amelia.
I know...... funny I would actually do that.
But considering the page is in her honour, I thought that I had better!

Amelia is now in Term 2 at her special school.
After having NO days off last term, she has already had 1 off in the last fortnight.

She is very tired at the moment.
Exceptionally tired.

I have begun looking at her food, drinks and vitamins again to see where I can help her have energy like she did last term.

She is not sad, just tired.

Her appetite is not as BIG as it was last year.
I am happy about that.
Her weight gain concerns me.

But it is obvious that she needs more energy and I cannot see what was different last Term compared to now.

Amelia handled my operation really well.
Watching mum sleepy with bloody bandages on could have been upsetting but she seems to have coped with it really well.

She likes to "whisper" to me at the moment if she needs to speak her opinion.
Recently Tom was upsetting her.
She signalled for my ear......
"Tom is a little shit" and then smiled at me sweetly.
I actually bounced backwards in shock !!
We do not swear/curse in this house in front of the kids so I did not know what to say!

The relationship/s with her boyfriend/s is still in full swing.
They adore each other.

We used the hoist last night to put Amelia in the bath.
She has not had a bath for months because we can no longer lift her in.
Last night was hysterical.
Amelia hanging in a hession sling, floating along a ceiling track, giggling loudly while naked.

Scott and I can no longer lift her though.
I have just seen a physiotherapist and am sitting here with a heat pack on my lower back.

Amelia is still extremely happy (despite the tiredness), cuddly and FULL of ideas for her 10th Birthday Party in a few weeks.
I have got pages and pages of what she wants at her party !!

Over the last couple of years, I have learnt that bigger is NOT better for Amelia.
Too many people, too busy, too loud and it is too overwhelming for her to handle.
With what is happening to her brain, she can only process so much.
So I may have the lists of ideas but I will still minimise it to what she can handle.

Mood swings have started occurring.
I find it very difficult to disguise my laughter with some situations recently.
She has been showing a lot of spunk !
But there have also been times when I have had to "speak" to her for being rude to people.
I was !!!!

Music, disco and singing are Amelia's favourite things at the moment.

She likes to sit in a room with the lights out, disco ball on and demand which song she wants from her CD player!
Then she will sit there and sing.
I think that she may be pretending that she is on "The Voice".

Talking of which.........
One night recently we all sat down to watch "The Voice".
It has become wonderful family time.


We were all devastated so Tom said "Lets play it".
Scott, Amelia and Tom sat on the couch with cushions on their laps (buzzers).
I sang "I had the time of my life" and was fortunate to get them all to buzz me.
I had to introduce my self and say my name.
Seal (Scott) then said "I felt that I really connected with you then. I would love to have you on my team".
Ricky Martin (Tom) jumps out of his seat and says "I know that I am not meant to do this, but I will do anything to have you on my team" with arms waving, an intense look on his face and even the Spanish accent !!!
Every moment, every word by Ricky was played out by Tom.

1 hour we "played" this for.

And when Amelia had to choose which team she was going to join, she placed her hand on her chest and said while fluttering her eyelids "I have decided that I am going to follow my heart". (everyone looked at Joel Madden - ME).
 "I am going with Seal".
Gutted !!!!! while Seal jumped on Amelia yelling WooHoo !!!!!!

Do you think we may be watching too much of The Voice ?????


P.S. In the 27 months I have been writing this blog, it has been looked at over 50,000 times.
Thank you for travelling through this journey with us.