Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Zillion Photo's !!!!!!

After much persistence I have finally succeeded in uploading photo's.
Unfortunately  you must now endure MANY !!!!!

 Amelia's School Christmas Concert. Amelia and Tom are ready to go !!!

                         A very special friend in Amelia's life. Miss Hayley.

A special gift from "Aberlene Limousines".  A special ride home for Amelia from school, on the last day of                    2011 with nine of her friends.

                                             Christmas morning. A very excited little boy.

                 Very graceful on Christmas morning. Sat and soaked up the atmosphere for a minute.

                                                 Extremely happy at Christmas lunch.

                                                       THE special Christmas skirt !!!

                                                   Amelia had her special Poppy (my dad).

                                                          Our one day at the beach.

                                         The crumbed child that kept acting like he knew us !!!!!

                                            Danny and Donna's new baby. Amelia is in love !!!!

                                 A special visit from 2 gorgeous girls who live on the Sunshine Coast.

                                               And then we flew up to stay with their family.

                                              Tom absolutely LOVED the lifestyle up there.

                                                Amelia at Coolum Beach in Queensland.

                                                 Our hosts and us. (7 girls and Tom !!!!)

 My little chef, Tom, making Italian sausage rolls.

Tom's first day of Prep and Amelia's first day of Grade 3.

                                                                 My mum and dad.

                                                                   Scott and his dad.


                                                      Amelia's first day at "special school".

                                                     Just about to enter for her first day.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

First Day AGAIN ........

Firstly, thank you for all he kind messages both yesterday and today.

Secondly, people that told me Tom would get exhausted from school LIED !!!!!

I definately have the two extremes when it comes to our children.
Amelia cannot talk about "her day" while Tom tells me every detail.
Amelia is unable to walk or talk competently at the end of the day but Tom behaves like he has red cordial ALL day.

While I am loving hearing about Tom's adventures, I would really love to hear about Amelia's as well.

It is obvious that Amelia has declined in everything recently.
On the weekend she could not remember where the "forks" were in the kitchen.
I was devastated.

But now we have gone back to "me getting exhausted and confused Amelia" at the end of a school day.

Imagine if it was your daughter...........

Whinge over.

Both children had great days today.
Amelia was very excited and happy this morning.
My dad came and saw her begin.
"This place will be really good for her. Everyone is so friendly" he said with tears in his eyes.
Amelia also had very special visitors from her mainstream school.
She was VERY excited to tell me about this.

Next week she needs to begin "on time" so that she can participate in swimming.
That means Tom and Amelia start at 9am , at two schools 15 minutes travel distance apart.
Where there is a will, there is a way !!!!

Finally, Tom had his first "hip hop" dance lesson tonight.
Hysterical is an understatement.
He LOVED it !!
BUT he is still not exhausted !!

Speak soon


Monday, 6 February 2012

Big Step

Last night we said good night to our children and experienced a feeling of great sadness.
After over 8 years of at least one child being at home we would now have both at full time school.

The tears flowed.

Today our 5 year old son started prep.

I know he needs the challenge and stimulation.
I know he is going to enjoy attending school.

I just feel that I am losing a part of him.
The innocent, protected and affectionate part.

We were all nervous this morning.
Amelia was feeling protective.
Scott and I felt lost and empty.

I have never seen Tom so nervous and vulnerable as when he stood in line waiting to go into class.

Fast forward to 3:30pm and Tom greeted me with  "You were right mum. I did love school"
with so much happiness and animation.
And he was bouncing !!!!!

Tom has not stopped talking and moving since he came home from his very first day at school.

We are all happy and relieved.

We just needed to survive the very first day.

Now I may let myself soak up a little feeling I had today...............

I was not "busy".
There was nothing to do...............

(do not tell anyone but I think I enjoyed it a little bit!).

Tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning.

Amelia's first day at the special school............