Saturday, 1 March 2014


Hello !!!

Well everyone pretty much knows that I am back to my old haunt of Kindergarten teaching by now.
That is teaching 4 and 5 year olds in the year before they start 13 years of schooling.
Quite often that means recognising special needs for the family for the first time, learning through fun and play, practicing social skills, creating a community for families and preparing children for the following year.

I warned Scott before I took this permanent position that it is full on.
A Kinder teacher NEVER does the hours they are paid for.
Ideas, purchases and general work is constant.

I am lucky because Amelia and Tom love hearing and helping me with these parts of my job description.

Today, Amelia and I volunteered to attend a community event to "sell" our Kindergarten.
Amelia had so much fun it was hysterical.
She was "selling" the showbags for us.
I made the children and parents give her the money when purchasing.
It was obvious that not only Amelia enjoyed that....but the customers did too.

The community involvement extends to my family too.
(Tom has returned from Nana and Poppy's very annoyed that he did not attend too).

My last blog shows the affect that teaching again has had on me.
I question and doubt myself.

I want these parents to get the best teacher they can.

This weekend, I am focusing on what kind of teacher I am now.

It is not greatly different than I was previously, except for one major factor.
It is not SO "pre planned".

I am so much more spontaneous......kind of like a parent.
My poor new assistant must feel like she is on a roller coaster !!!!

My creative urges combined with conversations with the children and noting their interests is creating a very exciting but full on program.

Lets cook !!
Lets make a book !!
Lets ask this parent to help us with this !!

Something I have ALWAYS done though is involve the children in every step of the way.
Let them ride the rollercoaster of excitement and add their ideas as well.
Let them see the mistakes I made with the planning and know we are all human.

So much fun.

I am enjoying the interaction with both the kids and their families.

It has also made me a better mum.
My activities and conversations with Amelia and Tom are so much more exciting because that part of my brain has been switched ON.

It is highly stressful and I am exhausted BUT the house is no longer 90% of my focus.
Kinder is.

Everyone keeps commenting on what a different person Scott is.
He IS smelling the roses and he IS happy.
(He has stolen all my school mum friends BUT ...... LOL)

Adjusting is so fucking hard.
Especially on the level we have forced ourselves to do.
But when you have a "normal" child and are told to "take them home and enjoy single minute you have with them"........ This is not as hard.

And sometimes........just sometimes...... Leaving your comfort zone opens a whole different world, and it is not a bad place.

Below is a photo of Scott and I when we were about 18 years of age.
A lifetime away from where we are now.
It was taken at the "Party House".

Not a care in the world........


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

work / life balance

What an interesting moment in time this is for myself and my family.
APPARENTLY I am not allowed to talk about work on social media, so lets talk about other things......

Self assessment on yourself as a person ???
Assessing where you are and what you have achieved at this point in your life ??
Looking at what type of person you are and how you can change or adjust??
What kind of day to day life you want ???

Yep that sounds good.

I ALWAYS assess everything that I do.
Always stand back and wonder whether it was the right thing.

Work aside, because I am not allowed to talk about that, my social life has taken a new kind of twist lately.
I can talk about that because it closely affects Amelia and Tom's life.

Recently we have been getting together with people that are kind of new, but kind of not, in our lives.
"Meeting with" means talking, drinking, eating and spending time with.
They are not judgemental nor do they come to us with preconceived views.
It appears they just accept us for EVERYTHING.
The new US.
Post Amelia diagnosis and everything else.

We have fun.
Probably too much fun.

Saturday night we attended a Trivia Night for Amelia's Special School.
I relaxed and had fun.
The next day, I regretted making a speech from a "parents perspective" in front of 350 people.
I was worried that I put a "dampener" on the night.
It was spur of the moment and I ....... well........ I just went with it.

I explained EVERYTHING.\
And I mean everything.

I wanted everyone in that room to understand what kind of children they were there for.

But now I deeply regret it.
I should have just stayed in my seat.

When I was growing up, I knew someone that drank alcohol and had to be the centre of attention.


I feel like I may have been "that person" Saturday night.

Self Assesment.

Tonight a compettition is occuring in our house.
Who can make the best Milkshake.
Amelia has always been the winner........
but tonight she has challenged us all.

Tom said to me "Find out which one is hers. She needs to win cause she has AT".
I said "No. The best one needs to win, but so far she makes the best one".

Tom is amazing BUT special needs does not always need the sympathy vote to win.
The BEST can sometimes just win alone.

Work AND home life is tough but I am thankful that Scott is here for Amelia's and Tom's emotional stability.


PS Has anyone got a really amazing chocolate milkshake recipe.
I need to win.