Friday, 22 June 2012

Sick Week

I can honestly say that Tom has been sick only 2 times in his little life.
One of those times was this week.

When Tom was still asleep at 8:05am on Monday morning, I knew something was wrong.
When he eventually woke up he was emotional and complaining of "hurting" everywhere.

For the entire day he slept.
He would wake up to have a sip of water and then fall asleep again.

It was sad for me to watch and definately pulled at my heart strings BUT I knew he would recover.

The next day was Tom's 6th Birthday and unfortunately he was still sick.
I could also feel strong body aches taking over me.

Wednesday....Tom and I are very sick.

Thursday ....Amelia is home and feels average and Scott wakes up lying in a massive bucket of sweat.


A week of lying on the couch (or in bed) unable to move.

As Scott, Tom and I slowly recover, Amelia is definately beginning to suffer like we all have.
Antibiotics immediately for her, we do not want to risk a hospital visit.

So fingers crossed for a better week, next week.

I would like to personally thank *Mr Christian Grey for getting me through this week.

He has made it a lot easier to rest and lie on the couch.
The anticipation of the next page (literally) making it easier to get out of bed and move to the lounge room.

So cheers to recovery for my family and the many people on FB that are sick right now.


* 50 shades of grey : Book

Monday, 18 June 2012


For as long as I can remember I like to keep "busy".

Whether it is socialising, shopping, helping others, tidying OR cleaning out my house.....
It is good for my psych.

It makes me feel worthy.
It makes me feel worthy to myself.
I have always suffered from low self esteem and self worth.
If I clean and have a healthy friendship base around me then I feel happy.

That has not changed in recent times.
I may have changed my focus recently though.

If Amelia has only one life....then so do I.

My jobs, chores, obligations and pressure on myself now includes a new element.


The pressure of daily life now includes MY television shows, MY movies and My books.
Something I have never allowed myself time for.

Imagine my disappointment when I look back at my previous life as a teacher with no children.

School holidays were spent "busy".

Is washing cars, cleaning house and stressing about "anything and everything" really worth it ?


So as a person that has never had much interest in the previous mentioned, I proudly declare my love to take time for all things ME..........

(even if the **"RED ROOM OF PAIN" would never be something I would want to enter!!)


** 50 shades of Grey BOOK>
(highly recommend xxx)