Thursday, 19 May 2011

Still in shock and cannot stop thinking about the MacDonalds night.
The look on everyones faces that have been a part of Amelia's Project since it began was priceless.
Walking around and talking to you all, I will never forget the emotions and the looks of disbelief.
Whether you were heavily involved in the planning of the night or not, you had created this level of interest in Amelia's Project. All of you.
Scott was funny to watch.
He has never been to a Project meeting.
Never really read the Project page or this blog.
He is dealing with Amelia's diagnosis in his own way so Tuesday night was a huge surprise for him.
He could not believe that everyone was there for us.

The emails coming in, the amount of new members on the project page, people calling and approaching me. Amelia's Project is becoming a full time job for me!

Specsavers head office rang yesterday. They are having a large fundraising day at their Frankston store on Saturday June 11th as well as taking gold coin donations during the month of June. They will also be donating 2 very generous gift vouchers to the Auction night.

4 massive boxes arrived from Linen house Monday, which included new bedding for Amelia and Tom.

I cannot wait for the list of donations to be posted. It is unbelieveable.
There is something so valuable that it will need to go on ebay if it does not make a set reserve on the night. Think "Black Caviar" the race horse........

Anyway this whole thing is becoming much bigger than any of us ever anticipated and I for one am having to sit back and try to process it all.

Amelia has caused this.
Our beautiful Amelia who is already having the most amazing life and we are all so lucky to be enjoying the ride with her.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Absolutely nothing could have prepared us for tonight.
Amelia's Project had organised to go to our local MacDonalds between 5:30-7:30pm. On a Monday or Tuesday, they will donate 20% of the profits to a set organisation that is pre-booked.
We booked it for May 17th.
We advertised it.
We sold raffle tickets for it, with some amazing prizes to win.

At 5:40pm, the line to order food was 20 metres....... to the door!
The line stayed the same length for well over an hour.
By 6pm it was standing room only to eat.

But I do not care how much money was made.
The love and support in that room for our little girl was indescribable.

I needed to thank everyone in the room, some I was meeting in person for the first time.
Scott felt he needed to do the same.

So many people who have been a part of Amelia's Project and been with us since that horrible week in December, when we found out about Amelia's diagnosis, were emotional.
So many people have made a night like this happen.
So many people have contributed to filling that room with love and empathy.

And Amelia? Well Amelia and Tom thought we were at a huge party. So many friends from different areas of our lives all together.
When I asked Amelia if she had lots of people coming up to say hi she said "yeah........about 700!"

The MacDonalds staff were fantastic.
Apparently some of them were working for free.
They just wanted to contribute to the night.
The Managers collected $220 amongst themselves as a donation to the cause.
But their surprise shocked us all. They have never, ever seen a night like it. They said no other night has ever come anywhere near the amount of people as tonight.

MacDonalds had organised a local newspaper to come and take pictures.

Tomorrow we will find the amount raised and how many people actually came.
But the overwhelming support tonight will never be beaten.

Scott had to carry Amelia out at the end. She could barely talk or walk.

And as I sit here typing with tears streaming down my face, I thank each and every one of you.
Be proud of what you have all achieved.
I am proud to be friends with each and every one of you.


Monday, 16 May 2011

The Interview

Last Thursday I was flattered to be interviewed for a well known magazine.
It will be published in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, in approximately 6-8 weeks.

The reason I am flattered is because of the "content" of the article.
They approached me and another family to talk about "positive thinking" in a situation where your child is very sick.
I had to humour the timing of the interview because of my posts in the previous 2 weeks. Very down and negative. But I also acknowledge the fact that I am not human if I do not work through any issues that arise.

There are always going to be times where I do not act correctly when it comes to anything and everything. I am a complexed and emotional person. I may handle a situation badly, whinge and complain about crap or have a bad mood day. BUT I hope that I will always pull myself into line and remember my motto......
Amazing life and No regrets.
P.S. 8 Followers !

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Big Week

Amelia and Roxy 13/5/2011
This past week has been very hectic and tiring.
I kept Amelia home from Tuesday lunchtime. She had a blocked nose, was tired and our weather suddenly became REALLY bad. Freezing cold, rain and windy. I did not want to risk getting Amelia sicker.
So we stayed indoors, had open fires and enjoyed a "shut down" week. I was rarely online or talking to anyone really. we are ready to jump back into life.
Amelia has recovered and Tom....well he needs to get back out there.

I visited Nepean Special School last week.
I went by myself and actually learnt a lot.
It is not a place that we are needing tomorrow, but I can see where we will need them in the future.
Amazing people - staff and students.

Friday, Amelia and I drove to The Conservatorium Cafe at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. We met the extrordinary Roxy Burns.
Roxy is 22 years old and lives in South Africa. She has A-T but she confesses to having it mildly. Roxy had been in Sydney racing in a bike race because she is a paralympian. Amelia was the first A-T girl she has ever met, besides herself.
She has been poked and prodded most of her life because she has A-T mild. Her family has had free trips to America where they have tested ALL of her to see what she has that other A-T kids don't.
Beautiful person and an amazing opportunity to meet her.

This weekend many people stood out in the freezing cold to sell sausages for Amelia's Project.
Scott felt what I have been feeling for months.
All of these people doing this for us.
He came home in shock.
I suppose you do not understand it until you SEE it.

On a lighter note, Tom thought it was funny to "moon" everyone at Auskick today.
After running away with the ball last week laughing, I think I may have to go and help discipline next week!