Thursday, 19 May 2011

Still in shock and cannot stop thinking about the MacDonalds night.
The look on everyones faces that have been a part of Amelia's Project since it began was priceless.
Walking around and talking to you all, I will never forget the emotions and the looks of disbelief.
Whether you were heavily involved in the planning of the night or not, you had created this level of interest in Amelia's Project. All of you.
Scott was funny to watch.
He has never been to a Project meeting.
Never really read the Project page or this blog.
He is dealing with Amelia's diagnosis in his own way so Tuesday night was a huge surprise for him.
He could not believe that everyone was there for us.

The emails coming in, the amount of new members on the project page, people calling and approaching me. Amelia's Project is becoming a full time job for me!

Specsavers head office rang yesterday. They are having a large fundraising day at their Frankston store on Saturday June 11th as well as taking gold coin donations during the month of June. They will also be donating 2 very generous gift vouchers to the Auction night.

4 massive boxes arrived from Linen house Monday, which included new bedding for Amelia and Tom.

I cannot wait for the list of donations to be posted. It is unbelieveable.
There is something so valuable that it will need to go on ebay if it does not make a set reserve on the night. Think "Black Caviar" the race horse........

Anyway this whole thing is becoming much bigger than any of us ever anticipated and I for one am having to sit back and try to process it all.

Amelia has caused this.
Our beautiful Amelia who is already having the most amazing life and we are all so lucky to be enjoying the ride with her.


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