Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello Friends.

It has been a long time between posts and I apologise for that.
So much has been happening and I have been unable to find time to sit down and type.

2014 has been interesting and difficult in very NEW ways.

Our income has dropped by $50,000 per year.
I am bringing in NOTHING, but the value of Scott spending time with the kids is immense.
I am currently teaching part time and loving it.

The value of our situation and the need of everything surrounding it changes everything.

How Scott should spend his life with Amelia is paramount to money.

I love my Kinder but the difficulties associated with this particular one is HUGE.
I have been employed at a "difficult" Kinder.
People do not like the people employed there.
I have been employed to "change it".

Anyway, as Amelia grows her needs and intellectual thinking changes.
She is becoming heavier to move around.
Her wants are becoming more extensive.
Her anxiety and depression about her disease change and become more apparent.
MY and Scott's need to answer and address these needs become more important.

Scott is a man.
His way of addressing everything is different from mine.
I will love and support him forever, but he is different.

Amelia is struggling with "vomit" on the mornings she has to "got out somewhere".
It is very upsetting and difficult for us all.
Scott and Tom start arguing.
That is hard.

Tom is displaying behaviour that is requiring discpling from Scott and I.

His answer?

"But Amelia is laughing."
"We like to make her laugh, don't we?"
"That is what we do. Make her laugh".

Tricky one.

Tom is 8 and we are having trouble understanding how to parent him....
with Amelia.

New pathway and new life.

Scott has always asked to move interstate to start "a fresh".
I have always said "NO".

I am now wondering with the demise of Amelias Project ( and the nightmares about certain individuals) and the demise of our "support network"......
Maybe it is not such a bad idea.

It would be very difficult but maybe not so bad in the long run...............

This life we have been given is just SO difficult.

I struggle to understand while watching so many others with their "perfect" life.