Friday, 22 April 2011

My gorgeous husband is 37 today.
We have been together for 21 years.
We started seeing each other when we were 15 years old.
The kids are treating him like a King. They are so excited.

Just had lunch at the local pub with family and now a warm fire and TV.

Have been watching the Good Friday Appeal lots today. Our family will never look at it the same again. Amelia is fascinated by the stories, interviews and filming of the children and around different parts of the hospital. We are recognising lots and were thrilled to see Ashton and his gorgeous family being interviewed at 11am. Ashton was Amelia's "buddy" when we stayed in December. Unfortunately he is back in again but now he is a celebrity !! Especially after his dancing of a sprinkler !! (Amelia has been sad that he is in there without her!).

Anyway now I am looking forward to the GLEE marathon tonight (thank you for all the messages to tell me !! lol).

Enjoy the 5 day break everyone

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bad Day

Today was bad from start to end.
It began with me waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
Picked Amelia up from Mum and Dad's and all day has been a struggle. Walking, talking and thinking were a struggle for her. Really sad to watch.
Tom threw tantrums and was very demanding for my time.
It ended with me cooking a meal that ended up in the rubbish bin.
So I go to bed now and know tomorrow will be good.
Scott's 37th Birthday !!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Peter came around today to collect the donations I had here for June 11th. He gave me a list of what he has been able to collect.......I cannot believe how much he has !!!!
The suggested Itenery for the night is also really good.
I have been able to move my focus away from donations for June 11th to the Brashat night on August 13th (except for the 50 letters I am sending out tomorrow! lol).

Tom and I built our first open fire for this year. He was so excited and spent the afternoon lying (and bouncing) in front of it!

Amelia went to her painting class again today (friend of dad's) and apparently the painting is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see it. She is having a sleep over at my parents before she goes back to school next week.
Daily life with Amelia requires regular assistance. Today she had great difficulty walking up their staircase. That was hard to watch. Dad said he is going to create a living area and bedroom for her downstairs. Some days she is ok, but other days the deterioration is hard.

Anyway, Scott's birthday on Friday and Easter weekend so have a good one everyone.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

There are so many things happening with Amelia's Project at the moment.
The MacDonalds night on Tuesday 17th May will be HUGE. I wonder whether Karingal Macca's is big enough to hold the amount of people coming. Michelle, Kellie and Lisa have organised for 20% of all takings from INSIDE the building (not drive threw). Kellie has done an amazing job with the raffle tickets (to be drawn on the night). She is hoping to make $3000 on tickets sold. All of the prizes have been donated and are awesome.
June 11th at the Frankston RSL has me walking around in shock. All 250 tickets sold in less than 3 weeks. Absolutely unbelievable.
And the donations are pouring in and are incredible.
Footy Show tickets, Bosch power tools, 2 x 16" girls bikes, family portrait packs, hairdressing and beauty vouchers, gorgeous paintings (on canvas and others framed) and overnight accomodation. AND that is just naming a small amount. There are so many more.
I keep sitting down to write a speech for the night and then deleting it. Nothing seems appropriate or suitable. I know what I want to say, just cannot (and this may surprise some of you!) formulate it into words. But even though it will be difficult to "hold it together" on the night, I am determined to make a speech.
I am looking forward to the meeting next Wednesday 27th to find out more.

Tomorrow I plan to start booking our trip to Disneyland (or getting quotes at least).
The hotels are chosen, now we need to find out the costs.

Many of you are probably reading my posts wondering about Amelia.
She has her good days and her bad.
Sometimes it is just easier to talk about everything positive..........

Monday, 18 April 2011

Well Justin Bieber is a totally different person than what I orginally thought.
Lesson for the day :  do not be so judgemental!
Amelia and Katya loved the movie. (Do not dare check on them because you get a glare about interupting! Lol).
Anyway, getting very excited about Disneyland.
Have been involving the kids and looking at websites with them regularly.
Have chosen the hotel .
YAY !!!!!
Now just need to go and book it all.
Can't Believe it is actually going to happen.
Never say Never People ..........

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Well my attempt at resting was a complete failure.
The one who should be having some down time, Amelia, was complaining she was bored. Both kids were bouncing around very hyperactive today.
Did I cause this?
By keeping them so active over the last 2 weeks ??!!
Anyway tonight, Amelia complained she was cold and her nose started running in the shower....a lot. But what was the biggest worry for me was she did not want to eat much at dinner time.
Amelia is always hungry........
Because I am taking her to see Never say Never tomorrow I am wondering if she is getting the Bieber fever.....
We will see what the morning will bring.....sickness or not ??