Tuesday, 19 April 2011

There are so many things happening with Amelia's Project at the moment.
The MacDonalds night on Tuesday 17th May will be HUGE. I wonder whether Karingal Macca's is big enough to hold the amount of people coming. Michelle, Kellie and Lisa have organised for 20% of all takings from INSIDE the building (not drive threw). Kellie has done an amazing job with the raffle tickets (to be drawn on the night). She is hoping to make $3000 on tickets sold. All of the prizes have been donated and are awesome.
June 11th at the Frankston RSL has me walking around in shock. All 250 tickets sold in less than 3 weeks. Absolutely unbelievable.
And the donations are pouring in and are incredible.
Footy Show tickets, Bosch power tools, 2 x 16" girls bikes, family portrait packs, hairdressing and beauty vouchers, gorgeous paintings (on canvas and others framed) and overnight accomodation. AND that is just naming a small amount. There are so many more.
I keep sitting down to write a speech for the night and then deleting it. Nothing seems appropriate or suitable. I know what I want to say, just cannot (and this may surprise some of you!) formulate it into words. But even though it will be difficult to "hold it together" on the night, I am determined to make a speech.
I am looking forward to the meeting next Wednesday 27th to find out more.

Tomorrow I plan to start booking our trip to Disneyland (or getting quotes at least).
The hotels are chosen, now we need to find out the costs.

Many of you are probably reading my posts wondering about Amelia.
She has her good days and her bad.
Sometimes it is just easier to talk about everything positive..........

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