Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lost the plot

Hello Everyone.

I have started calling this a "boutique" blog.
It does not have a HUGE following but it does have people that care and are not just observing.
The intention was never to have a huge following, but with 250 odd reading every blog, it is comforting.
The intention was to keep people informed about Amelia and those that are sharing this journey with her.... and us.

The contact we have had recently with people, who are strangers, is genuine.
Scott's face makes me laugh.
He is shocked that people come and introduce themselves and REALLY want to say hello.

The past fortnight has been sad.
Amelia was sick on her birthday.
My work has been "interesting" and made me assess (once again) the types of people I want to surround myself with.
Amelia has said repeatedly "I wish I could walk".
Tom's diabetes levels have been anywhere between 27 - 2.
Scott has questioned his abilities at home.

Everyone is being challenged.
Everyone is searching for positive thinking and a way to move forward.

My weight has sky rocketed.
I am currently the heaviest I have ever been.
I actually find it difficult to walk now cause my bum is the weight of a normal sized person.
It is damn heavy to carry around!!
As I have said before, I really need to be an experiment for emotional eating and drinking.

Amelia has had over a week off school.
What began with vomiting is now anxiety and depression.

Today we went shopping.
I finally "clicked" on what her thinking is.

Mum "may not want to go shopping, but once she gets there, it will be awesome".

As I was handing her clothing, towels, Tom's birthday presents and household items........
It clicked.
I looked at shoes, clothing, toys and food.

Get HER (me) to the shops and we will have fun.


When I stopped in the middle of Target and suggested this was the case to her...
she laughed uncontrollably.


Tomorrow we are going to try our best to get her back to school.
Everyone (including the staff) are going to pretend tomorrow is her birthday!

Tom worries me.
He will always worry me, I think.

He does not worry me from my "point of view".
He worries me from others point of view.

I know how to communicate, discipline and deal with this unusual kid.
I love him to bits and would die for him.....unconditionally.

This morning, we rolled around in bed wrestling and I have not heard him laugh as much as he did for a long time.
A very long time.

He does not get asked to any birthday parties or to people's houses to play.

He will argue with the magician at his 5th birthday party, because he can analyse the "logic".
He will discuss the children he plays with from grade prep - grade 6 , but will not really discuss his own year level.
He will sit there and do mathematical sums and football stats for hours.

He will get Amelia what she cannot reach for and feed her when she is unable........

We listen to people comment on how he is "a control freak".

Sit with that comment for a minute and imagine why he would be........


Finally Scott and I.
We are the parents, for those that are new to this page.

We are continually adjusting to our new roles.
Scott the "at home dad".
Me the "working mum".

Scott is the only male I have ever seen genuinely excited by the 2 brand new wash baskets Amelia and I brought home today.
"These are awesome" he says walking past me with a basket load of wet washing.


Finally tonight we received 2 telemarketing calls.

Phone Call 1
"Hello" said strange accent.
"Hi" I answered excitedly (secretly looking for some happiness).
"Is that Mrs Nicholls?" the lady asked.
"No it is not" I answered correctly due to mispronunciation of name.
"Are you the home owner?" she asked.
"No" I answer seeing an opening for fun.
"Oh. Do you rent then?" she asked.
"No" I answer enjoying where this is heading.
"Is your house free standing?" she asked.
"No. Our house floats on water".
(At this stage I hear Amelia, Tom and Scott starting to gasp and giggle from different areas around the house).
"What? What do you mean?" she asks confused.
"We have a floating house. Our house just floats around and bumps into other houses. All the houses around here float".
(At this stage I am trying not to laugh because Amelia has lost it laughing in another room).
"Are you serious?" she asks.
Then she hangs up on me.

Phone Call 2
"Hello. This is David from Microsoft. I am calling about your computer".
(wonderful some more fun)
"Excellent. I am so glad you called".
"Really? Oh ok. Do you have a computer?" he asks.
"No David we do not" I answer overly happy.
"You do not have a computer? Seriously? Do you have a TV?".
"No we don't" I answer like I have just won a million dollars.
"You do not have a computer or a TV? What are you doing now?" he asks.
"Sitting here wondering what you are calling about" I answer quite firmly.
He hangs up on me.

ALWAYS find humour in your day, even if you have to used telemarketers to do it.
(Tom and I spoke about stepping out the front for a swim all night !!!!).