Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Today consisted of an interesting discussion with someone that spoke of numerous assumptions that I feel I need to address before I attempt to fall asleep.

The words "Walk in My Shoes" comes to mind immediately, but please let me explain this post further....

People may read this blog or my Facebook or Amelia's Project Facebook and connect with our lives.
Others may just read it to scoff and gossip.

The latter group is a group we would not prefer, but it is something we cannot stop.

Call it from the horses mouth, but here goes.....

* I may not have really wanted to return to the workforce, but Scott deserves as much time with Amelia as I have had.
* Why can he not stay at home with the kids?
* Does there need to be a medical reason for him to do it?
* Do people need to gossip about WHY he is staying at home with the kids?

I can assure you......... he HAS NOT had a nervous breakdown, as was passed down through a grapevine to me tonight.

WE have decided that he deserves as much time at home with the kids as I do.


Staying home IS NOT gender specific.

I find it very disappointing to hear that "the grapevine" was people I grew up with.

Please do not make up lies.
Please do not assume.

Just ask me.
I am an open book.

Last week, Scott was able to attend one of Tom's assemblies for the first time.
Today he took Amelia for the first time on his own to an appointment at RCH.
He experienced the horrible reaction, from Amelia, when it is mentioned that she needs a blood test.

He is a good dad.
An amazing dad.

Yesterday we celebrated being a couple for 24 years.
We were 15 years old when our relationship began.
We have moulded into one over the years.

The comment was also made...... "raised money for YOU".

The money was not raised for us.
It was raised to give Amelia an amazing life.
Attending a gala night or selling raffle tickets does not give you permission to bitch and gossip about our family.

Please leave our cyber world if that is the only reason you are here.

Come and spend a week with us.....
Walk in our shoes.....

You may see the struggles and intense care of a 10 year old and 7 year old, but you will also see happiness, love and dedication.

We are not bad or mentally ill people and I do not have time to argue such assumptions.

Tom and Amelia need us so much more.