Saturday, 16 April 2011

WARNING : I have planned too much in the last week. The children and I are now physically and mentally exhausted. Tomorrow is "Shut Down" day. That means do nothing and go nowhere !!!! After RCH and Essendon North on Wednesday we socialised all day Thursday, one good friend in the morning, another in the afternoon. Friday, I had 2 extra children so I took all 4 to see "Hop". Very good. Today we went to The Lynbrook Hotel for lunch, visitors afterwards and then I did a quick food shop (at 5:30pm).
Do not knock on my door : I will not answer !!!!!
I am now singing in my head Bruno Mars's new song "lazy". Except for the bit about having sex with a girl in bed, that will be me tomorrow !!!
Now to go and eat the Red Tulip easter bunny I just bought .......
Oh and we watch Black Swan last night and have Little Fockers ready for tonight xxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why Us?

At some point during this whole scenario you have to begin to wonder, why us?
Not Amelia's illness ,(already been down that pathway and moved on), but the situation around us.
How many families go through an extremely traumatic experience and begin a journey that has a sad ending AND get no help.
We have began a journey that is sad but we are receiving more help than I ever imagined.
People regularly say to me "how exciting that Amelia's Project has become so huge". But I think exciting is definately the wrong word.
I have never been excited about Amelia's Project and the reason why it was established.
In my "down" moments I wish for cerebral palsy back.
But there has always been a very overwhelming feeling about the kindness of those around us.
To make dinners and have a cuppa, assist with Tom and check in once in a while seems more than suffice.
But what has happened and what is happening is so, so, so much more.
I will be listing at a later date a detailed description of what "special" things have occured for our family but right now I have only one question ; Why Us?
What have we done to get such a response?
Why are people choosing to invest their money and time so heavily into our family?
Seriously. If this were happening to your family wouldn't you question why everyone wanted to help to this extent?
There are two people involved with Amelia's project who want to resign from current employment so that they can work on Amelia's Project more often (it is part time jobs......).
I look at Amelia and can easily see those who chose to help because of her.
But so many of you have never met her. So many people I have not seen for years and yet are so emotionally involved in what has happened..........and will happen.
Actually it is not excitement I feel for Amelia's Project, it is LOVE.
It is kindness, compassion, empathy and support.
But probably most of all, it is friendship.
Maybe you just do not realise the people who have shared your life journey with you until something so horrible happens, they want to all come back and help protect you. Maybe people who were meant to be in your life are brought in through a disaster so bad no one can imagine what it is like..........

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Exhausted !

After a very full on 2 days with Tom, I am exhausted.
Today he chose to wake up at 6:15am after we went to bed at 9:30pm.
After some bacon and eggs breakfast, we went to the museum.
He loved it.
We finished off with another bike ride at Albert Park Lake.
I did enjoy spoiling Tom and giving him some special attention. Everything has been about Amelia in the last few months so it was nice to move 100% focus to him for 2 days.
After picking Amelia up (and her beautiful painting she did at Annette's yesterday) I came home to be reminded of the way we left the house. A disaster. So, straight into housework.
Tomorrow we plan to visit Shannan in Essendon and then Amelia's hospital friend, Ashton, at RCH. Unfortunately Ashton is back in there. Now we know what it is like to be in there we thought we would go in and try to put a smile on his face (although I did call him a "seasoned visitor" because he has to visit a lot).
Plan to have some down time on the weekend, 3 days away !!!!
Amelia will need it more than anyone.......

Monday, 11 April 2011

What a day !
Tom and I have been to the children's gradens at the royal botanical gardens in Melbourne. Then we came and set ourselves up at mum and dad's flat in the city. Tom couldn't stop saying "I can't believe we are here!". Then he rode his bike around Albert park lake while I followed as fast as I could behind. If Anyone passed him he would ring his bike bell and give them a thumbs up! I could not stop laughing. Now we are having some down time and about to have dinner. Tomorrow I plan to take Tom out for bacon and eggs and then to the museum. He wants to ride his bike at the lake agin though. We will see. While we were there we had a mummy and daddy swan come up to us with their 4 newborn babies. Absolutely beautiful. Amelia is staying at mum and dad's. She was taken to a professional 1 on 1 painting class today (a friend of dad's). She loved it and is going back next week apparently! Ahhhh it is nice to feel good and look at my children with amazement and when it comes to Tom, laugh. No one could say he is not entertaining !!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

End of Term 1

The start of the school holidays appears to have gone well.
I sent Scott away Friday night to mum and dad's flat in the city and told him not to come home till 5pm Sunday.
The weekend actually flew by.
The kids and I caught up with Emma Hull and went to my nephews 8th Birthday party.
Today, after a quick food shop, we just watched DVD's and played Monopoly.
Tomorrow I am taking Tom to the city.
I want to do something special with just him.
Think I might take him to the museum and for a walk around Albert Park lake.
Maybe visit the Children's Gardens if the rain stays away.

The rest of the week is now busy as well.
But no early mornings, lunches to be made the night before or worrying about Amelia's progress at school.
Just quality time with my children and husband.