Sunday, 10 April 2011

End of Term 1

The start of the school holidays appears to have gone well.
I sent Scott away Friday night to mum and dad's flat in the city and told him not to come home till 5pm Sunday.
The weekend actually flew by.
The kids and I caught up with Emma Hull and went to my nephews 8th Birthday party.
Today, after a quick food shop, we just watched DVD's and played Monopoly.
Tomorrow I am taking Tom to the city.
I want to do something special with just him.
Think I might take him to the museum and for a walk around Albert Park lake.
Maybe visit the Children's Gardens if the rain stays away.

The rest of the week is now busy as well.
But no early mornings, lunches to be made the night before or worrying about Amelia's progress at school.
Just quality time with my children and husband.


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