Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Special news

From the very beginning, Amelia's Project has joined us in this roller coaster journey.

From notifying my "Facebook Friends" of Amelia's 5 day long diagnosis to raising $52,000 at our Auction night.
Sharing photo's and stories of our daily life to the monumental voyage to Disneyland.

You have all been through the highs and lows.

Now something else positive has occured and I would like you to share in our joy.

On Monday my parents took me to our local Kia dealer and purchased a brand new Kia Grand Carnival for our family.

Amelia's Project Committee named the purchase of this car in their goals for fundraising this year.

My mum and dad spent $46,501 on a car that we will get in 3 months (it needs to come from overseas).

A massive weight of Scott and my shoulders and everyone involved with fundraising.

With Amelia's motorised wheelchair coming sometime later in the year we still have lots of time to save up for the conversion.

I hope you are just as happy as we are.

Thank you mum and dad.
Love you to the moon and back.

And thank you to everyone on Amelia's Project.
You were definately the first that I wanted to tell !!!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Today I went to a "Disability Expo" on my own.
There were many representatives from many organisations offering many services.
A lot of information to research and read now.
I ate incredibly fattening "KFC" afterwards.
It made me feel much better.

Yesterday something very BIG happened that affects everyone involved with Amelia's Project.
It is a very good thing.

I do not have "permission" to reveal my secret until tomorrow.

Stay tuned.............