Sunday, 27 October 2013

Building memories

 Amelia with one of her BFF's

 An attempt at a "family selfie"!!!!

Hello from the deep dark hole that is full time work !!!!!!

I am trying to convince Scott to start writing on least occasionally.
His insight to being at home and the full time carer will be beneficial to many, including himself.

Writing and revealing can be very powerful to yourself as much as for others.

My life has consisted of working 9-5:30 in a Kinder room 45 minutes away for the last 3 weeks.
I have loved being involved with a room full of children and assisting with their education, daily needs and overall development.
It has made me become up to date with all the changes that were made in the last few years in Early Childhood very quickly.
I have little boys that have just turned 3 and are still at that cute, chubby stage and girls who fit into a 3 year old program perfectly. I also have the overly confident boys and girls who, at this time of year, were ready for school yesterday.
I have applied for 3 jobs so far.
To get ANY of them would be a bonus.
They all offer different things to me and our family.
My DREAM job application was to Melbourne Zoo. It is for the position of Education Officer to all the children that attend on excursions. The focus would be on conservation and how humans are destroying animal habitat......something very close to my heart.
The hours and travel would mean this job is perfect for ME and possibly destroy all that we have created in our home environment.
The other 2 are perfect for our family and still me and my passion for teaching young children.
One is 30 minutes away, the other is 10 minutes.

My life is learning about how weekends are sacred now and when I get home from work having cuddles and talking about everyones day.

Over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed watching Scott, Amelia and Tom adapt to the major change in our household.
Scott is learning how "there is not enough hours in a day" to get everything done.
Something that really stands out to me is the way Scott has devoted so much time to each child before and after school.
I was always about organisation, cleaning and tidying ........ and spending time with the kids.
Scott puts spending time with the kids for large amounts of time first.
Something I struggled with.

I am loving watching him still get the household chores done, but he involves the kids.
It requires pocket money to each child and they are loving helping.
Amelia helps fold washing and hands pegs to Scott out at the clothesline. She also empties the letterbox when she gets off the bus in the afternoon.
Tom feeds the animals at night, unpacks the dishwasher with Scott (suggests how he can pack it better!) and cleans up after dinner.
The little conversations, where I need an explanation, are awesome to watch between the three of them.

Amelia's moods are still all over the place and are something we may need to address in the near future but she is still loving her school and home time.
She is very excited about Halloween this Thursday and has her costume out ready.
She also has some amazing friends around her.

Last night we even had a glimpse of the sense of humour we have all missed so much.
Singing is her passion these days, whether she is making up funny words to tunes or just laughing hysterically at her own singing, it is great to see such happiness radiating off her.

So maybe you will get to read Scott's perspective on it all one day.
Till then keep smiling and look after yourselves.