Saturday, 28 December 2013

Two children - Two cures......... PART 1

Difficult to know what to say right now.
Difficult to process what is currently occurring and what was happened.
I have tried to write so many entries in the last few days but unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control, have been unable to.

Lets start at the very beginning........

Last weekend, my dad returned Tom from a sleepover.
He commented on the amount Tom was drinking and going to the toilet.
We discussed that we had noticed it here and that I would get it "looked at".

Three days later, on Christmas Eve, when presents needed to be wrapped, food needed to be prepared and a house needed cleaning, Scott took Tom to a doctors appointment.

Tom is our second child.
He is incredibly active, loves life, adores Amelia and can be argumentative and just plain annoying.
In the last few months he has been a real concern.
We had made a paediatrician appointment for him, had a very concerning talk with his school teacher and then a meeting that I demanded with his Vice Principal.
I was assured that this defiant behaviour was normal for a boy his age.
It was also understandable considering the role change at home between Scott and I.
But the treatment of his friends and us was a major concern to me.

While Scott and Tom went to this normal appointment, Amelia and I went to the supermarket to prepare for Christmas Day.
I did not hear the mobile phone in my bag due to the difficulty of a manual wheelchair and many bags of shopping.
When we returned home there were many messages from Scott.
"Have to go for emergency blood test".
"Please call me".
"Blood sugars are high".

Because Scott is a Type 2 diabetic, we both understand all the lingo.

All I could say was "shit".

When they finally returned home a bit fuss was made about how brave Tom was for the blood test.
When the nurse had requested him to sing Christmas Carols during the procedure, he had accidently said the word "boobies" and he thought that was hilarious.

Scott and I spoke privately and he explained that the sugars in Tom's urine was abnormally high.
The doctor would ring in 3 hours to tell us the result of the blood test.

We said goodbye to the children as they went to Nana's and Poppy's for dinner.
We were ready to wrap presents.

Two hours after the blood test, the phone rings.
"You need to get Tom to the hospital emergency department immediately. I do not mean to alarm you, but he may be about to go into a diabetic coma".


"Dad? Scott has to come and get Tom. He needs to go to hospital".
"Why. He is fine."
"Apparently he isnt. Scott will be there in 10."

As Scott drove out of the driveway, I began crying.
Like REALLY crying.

I posted a FB you do.
Withing minutes, I had people calling me and arriving on my doorstep.
No general chit chat, just work.
Get presents wrapped and at the door.
Get bags packed to stay in hospital.

The instant support was surreal.

But I just stood there and sobbed.

I became sad and angry and organised for the following day.

"He needs to stay in till Saturday",
Scott's message said after they arrive at emergency.

"He is Type 1 Diabetic".

"Are you fucking serious ?" was all I could answer.

So began the "Why? After everything else, Why?".

To be continued..........