Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Hello everyone.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and said goodbye to 2014 as excitedly as I did.
For me, it was the end of a horrible chapter in my book.

I lost myself.

The beginning of 2015 has already felt euphoric.
I feel like my whole body and mind is cleansing.
The events, difficulties and negativity of 2014 has been washed down the sink.
Scott, my beautiful gentleman, has made that so much more possible.
He is flourishing at work and is so much happier.

During the past fortnight, I have sat back and reassessed my life......our life.
I can feel my patience for each child returning.
I can feel the cleansing of bad experiences, situations, friendships and thoughts.

I feel in control of 2015.

This is a blank chapter.
One that I can dictate and choose.

I am the narrator of my own happiness.

I will choose who and what will be a part of my life.
I will move swiftly through situations that are hurtful and negative and choose to invest my time and feelings ONLY into those that return the same kind of respect.

In 2015, I am going to.......
become fitter,
beautify our home,
spend more time with both children at school,
have fun cooking yummy meals and snacks,
have fun and spend quality time with both kids
enjoy, love and train the new family member....

Buddy was a long time coming.
After having a Labrador, I have always longed for another.
Poor Scott saw the photo's of this gorgeous little man and could only say "Get Him!".
We went and visited him last week.
Out of 9 pups, he is the fattest.
I could not stop laughing and calling him "fatty boombah".
Buddy is ADORABLE !!!

Tom is maturing.
His difficult and argumentative ways are quickly making way to acknowledging those around him.
He has grown even taller (if that is possible for someone his age) and grown his hair to "Bieber" level !!!

"I am going to grow a mullet" he says.
"No you are not" I say firmly.
"But lots of people do it" he says (naming famous people).
"Not in this house, we don't" I answered.

I love to watch him playing with other children at home and when we are out.
I love watching his interactions with Amelia.

I am really happy that we have connected again after my "work life".

Amelia is approaching teenage-hood and is scary.
She can go from happy to "sobbing" sad in 0.1 seconds.
It is scary stuff.
She screams, yells and laughs till she cannot breath so quickly......
we all look at her in disbelief.

Tom : How can she be so happy and then so sad so quickly?
Scott : Welcome to women mate.

I need to be in a good place to deal with these hormones!

And finally,
I leave you with SEX.
That conversation you need to have with your children as they get older....

Both kids were laughing over the word "sex".
Me: What do you think that word means?
Amelia: Having a baby.
Tom: Hugging in bed with your undies on.
Me: Ok. Daddy and I will need to have a talk to you both sometime about what it really means.
Tom starts bouncing with excitement in his seat, desperate to talk.
Me: Yes Tom ?
Tom: Ohhhhhhh. I know what it means. HUMPING.
That is what it means. HUMPING.
Ummmm mum, what does that mean ???

Discussion still to be had....