Monday, 11 April 2011

What a day !
Tom and I have been to the children's gradens at the royal botanical gardens in Melbourne. Then we came and set ourselves up at mum and dad's flat in the city. Tom couldn't stop saying "I can't believe we are here!". Then he rode his bike around Albert park lake while I followed as fast as I could behind. If Anyone passed him he would ring his bike bell and give them a thumbs up! I could not stop laughing. Now we are having some down time and about to have dinner. Tomorrow I plan to take Tom out for bacon and eggs and then to the museum. He wants to ride his bike at the lake agin though. We will see. While we were there we had a mummy and daddy swan come up to us with their 4 newborn babies. Absolutely beautiful. Amelia is staying at mum and dad's. She was taken to a professional 1 on 1 painting class today (a friend of dad's). She loved it and is going back next week apparently! Ahhhh it is nice to feel good and look at my children with amazement and when it comes to Tom, laugh. No one could say he is not entertaining !!!!

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