Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Exhausted !

After a very full on 2 days with Tom, I am exhausted.
Today he chose to wake up at 6:15am after we went to bed at 9:30pm.
After some bacon and eggs breakfast, we went to the museum.
He loved it.
We finished off with another bike ride at Albert Park Lake.
I did enjoy spoiling Tom and giving him some special attention. Everything has been about Amelia in the last few months so it was nice to move 100% focus to him for 2 days.
After picking Amelia up (and her beautiful painting she did at Annette's yesterday) I came home to be reminded of the way we left the house. A disaster. So, straight into housework.
Tomorrow we plan to visit Shannan in Essendon and then Amelia's hospital friend, Ashton, at RCH. Unfortunately Ashton is back in there. Now we know what it is like to be in there we thought we would go in and try to put a smile on his face (although I did call him a "seasoned visitor" because he has to visit a lot).
Plan to have some down time on the weekend, 3 days away !!!!
Amelia will need it more than anyone.......

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