Thursday, 14 April 2011

Why Us?

At some point during this whole scenario you have to begin to wonder, why us?
Not Amelia's illness ,(already been down that pathway and moved on), but the situation around us.
How many families go through an extremely traumatic experience and begin a journey that has a sad ending AND get no help.
We have began a journey that is sad but we are receiving more help than I ever imagined.
People regularly say to me "how exciting that Amelia's Project has become so huge". But I think exciting is definately the wrong word.
I have never been excited about Amelia's Project and the reason why it was established.
In my "down" moments I wish for cerebral palsy back.
But there has always been a very overwhelming feeling about the kindness of those around us.
To make dinners and have a cuppa, assist with Tom and check in once in a while seems more than suffice.
But what has happened and what is happening is so, so, so much more.
I will be listing at a later date a detailed description of what "special" things have occured for our family but right now I have only one question ; Why Us?
What have we done to get such a response?
Why are people choosing to invest their money and time so heavily into our family?
Seriously. If this were happening to your family wouldn't you question why everyone wanted to help to this extent?
There are two people involved with Amelia's project who want to resign from current employment so that they can work on Amelia's Project more often (it is part time jobs......).
I look at Amelia and can easily see those who chose to help because of her.
But so many of you have never met her. So many people I have not seen for years and yet are so emotionally involved in what has happened..........and will happen.
Actually it is not excitement I feel for Amelia's Project, it is LOVE.
It is kindness, compassion, empathy and support.
But probably most of all, it is friendship.
Maybe you just do not realise the people who have shared your life journey with you until something so horrible happens, they want to all come back and help protect you. Maybe people who were meant to be in your life are brought in through a disaster so bad no one can imagine what it is like..........

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