Saturday, 16 April 2011

WARNING : I have planned too much in the last week. The children and I are now physically and mentally exhausted. Tomorrow is "Shut Down" day. That means do nothing and go nowhere !!!! After RCH and Essendon North on Wednesday we socialised all day Thursday, one good friend in the morning, another in the afternoon. Friday, I had 2 extra children so I took all 4 to see "Hop". Very good. Today we went to The Lynbrook Hotel for lunch, visitors afterwards and then I did a quick food shop (at 5:30pm).
Do not knock on my door : I will not answer !!!!!
I am now singing in my head Bruno Mars's new song "lazy". Except for the bit about having sex with a girl in bed, that will be me tomorrow !!!
Now to go and eat the Red Tulip easter bunny I just bought .......
Oh and we watch Black Swan last night and have Little Fockers ready for tonight xxx

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