Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Peter came around today to collect the donations I had here for June 11th. He gave me a list of what he has been able to collect.......I cannot believe how much he has !!!!
The suggested Itenery for the night is also really good.
I have been able to move my focus away from donations for June 11th to the Brashat night on August 13th (except for the 50 letters I am sending out tomorrow! lol).

Tom and I built our first open fire for this year. He was so excited and spent the afternoon lying (and bouncing) in front of it!

Amelia went to her painting class again today (friend of dad's) and apparently the painting is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see it. She is having a sleep over at my parents before she goes back to school next week.
Daily life with Amelia requires regular assistance. Today she had great difficulty walking up their staircase. That was hard to watch. Dad said he is going to create a living area and bedroom for her downstairs. Some days she is ok, but other days the deterioration is hard.

Anyway, Scott's birthday on Friday and Easter weekend so have a good one everyone.


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