Monday, 16 May 2011

The Interview

Last Thursday I was flattered to be interviewed for a well known magazine.
It will be published in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, in approximately 6-8 weeks.

The reason I am flattered is because of the "content" of the article.
They approached me and another family to talk about "positive thinking" in a situation where your child is very sick.
I had to humour the timing of the interview because of my posts in the previous 2 weeks. Very down and negative. But I also acknowledge the fact that I am not human if I do not work through any issues that arise.

There are always going to be times where I do not act correctly when it comes to anything and everything. I am a complexed and emotional person. I may handle a situation badly, whinge and complain about crap or have a bad mood day. BUT I hope that I will always pull myself into line and remember my motto......
Amazing life and No regrets.
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