Sunday, 15 May 2011

Big Week

Amelia and Roxy 13/5/2011
This past week has been very hectic and tiring.
I kept Amelia home from Tuesday lunchtime. She had a blocked nose, was tired and our weather suddenly became REALLY bad. Freezing cold, rain and windy. I did not want to risk getting Amelia sicker.
So we stayed indoors, had open fires and enjoyed a "shut down" week. I was rarely online or talking to anyone really. we are ready to jump back into life.
Amelia has recovered and Tom....well he needs to get back out there.

I visited Nepean Special School last week.
I went by myself and actually learnt a lot.
It is not a place that we are needing tomorrow, but I can see where we will need them in the future.
Amazing people - staff and students.

Friday, Amelia and I drove to The Conservatorium Cafe at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. We met the extrordinary Roxy Burns.
Roxy is 22 years old and lives in South Africa. She has A-T but she confesses to having it mildly. Roxy had been in Sydney racing in a bike race because she is a paralympian. Amelia was the first A-T girl she has ever met, besides herself.
She has been poked and prodded most of her life because she has A-T mild. Her family has had free trips to America where they have tested ALL of her to see what she has that other A-T kids don't.
Beautiful person and an amazing opportunity to meet her.

This weekend many people stood out in the freezing cold to sell sausages for Amelia's Project.
Scott felt what I have been feeling for months.
All of these people doing this for us.
He came home in shock.
I suppose you do not understand it until you SEE it.

On a lighter note, Tom thought it was funny to "moon" everyone at Auskick today.
After running away with the ball last week laughing, I think I may have to go and help discipline next week!


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