Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Zillion Photo's !!!!!!

After much persistence I have finally succeeded in uploading photo's.
Unfortunately  you must now endure MANY !!!!!

 Amelia's School Christmas Concert. Amelia and Tom are ready to go !!!

                         A very special friend in Amelia's life. Miss Hayley.

A special gift from "Aberlene Limousines".  A special ride home for Amelia from school, on the last day of                    2011 with nine of her friends.

                                             Christmas morning. A very excited little boy.

                 Very graceful on Christmas morning. Sat and soaked up the atmosphere for a minute.

                                                 Extremely happy at Christmas lunch.

                                                       THE special Christmas skirt !!!

                                                   Amelia had her special Poppy (my dad).

                                                          Our one day at the beach.

                                         The crumbed child that kept acting like he knew us !!!!!

                                            Danny and Donna's new baby. Amelia is in love !!!!

                                 A special visit from 2 gorgeous girls who live on the Sunshine Coast.

                                               And then we flew up to stay with their family.

                                              Tom absolutely LOVED the lifestyle up there.

                                                Amelia at Coolum Beach in Queensland.

                                                 Our hosts and us. (7 girls and Tom !!!!)

 My little chef, Tom, making Italian sausage rolls.

Tom's first day of Prep and Amelia's first day of Grade 3.

                                                                 My mum and dad.

                                                                   Scott and his dad.


                                                      Amelia's first day at "special school".

                                                     Just about to enter for her first day.


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