Saturday, 26 November 2011

Warm and fuzzy

Feeling very warm and fuzzy right now.

Amelia has invited a school friend to stay tonight.
This little girl is new to our lives this year and she is absolutely beautiful.
She treats Amelia as an equal.
But she does things that she would not have to do with other children.
When she is talking to Amelia she says her name and waits until she knows Amelia is listening.
A child of 8 years old that is so patient, caring and accepting makes me very emotional.

I regularly see children talking to Amelia loud.....slow.....and over pronounced at school.
When I have discussed it with Amelia she says "I hate it".

This little friend knows that Amelia is just like her.
She just needs to focus her attention on you to particpate in conversation and games.

Absolutely fascinating to watch.


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