Monday, 24 October 2011

Only if you want to ........

Hello Angels,
I am absolutely horrified to ask this (or accept the offers of help) but I have been left with no other option.
Our house is apparently a bit of a disaster !!!!!
The bathrooms apparently look awesome !!!!

So apparently a small group are going to our house on Thursday.
So the co-ordinator is Jane Guinea (Scott's sister) with the help of Russell Nicholds and my dad.
Jane will be there from 10:30am Thurs.
If you want to go and help then we would be forever grateful.

The builders will still be finishing up BUT I do not mind kids going and playing in the toy room, watching TV or going in the backyard AT ALL.
(Wine for the adults is optional..... lol)

It feels soooo rude writing this.............


And just will get to see the bathrooms before us !!!!!!!

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