Monday, 24 October 2011

Hawaii photo's

Just photo's today.
Too exhausted after a fun but difficult play at the beach with the kids.
(Amelia could not walk when she got out of the water).
Scott supervised Tom and carried ALL our belongings (towels, lilo, shoes etc) while I tried to support Amelia.

The sign at the beach for the last 2 days.
Other people were swimming but we did not want to risk it.
Amelia was stung by a jellyfish 5 years ago and by the screaming and red rash I think it may sting !!!!

Another stage of my shopping expedition.
So much fun bartering !!!!!!!

Because of the jellyfish we took the kids (and their new snorkel and mask) to the hotel pool instead.
I think Amelia is all ready for a swim !!!!

Tom jumped in straight away !!!

A magic jewel we discovered last night. On the way to dinner we stumbled across this amazing place right on the beach.
So we ate there and then went and sat on the sand.
Beautiful night.

At this amazing place BEFORE it got dark.

Cheeky !!!

And extremely cheeky !!!!

3 more sleeps in Hawaii and then home.

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