Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Gala Night this Saturday ........

This Saturday night is The Melbourne Gala night for Brashat.
It will be the first one that we are attending.
We are so very fortunate to have 4 tables attending from Amelia's Project.
It is a MASSIVE ask and I am very grateful to all of those people that are making a huge effort to join us.

But the biggest thing I am so excited about is the speeches.
So many of you have been so saddened and so supportive of Amelia's disease.
But on Saturday night everyone will hear the amazing work that is being done to find treatment or a cure.

Reading and researching on the Internet is nothing compared to hearing these amazing people speak.
I cannot wait to hear them again.
I cannot wait for YOU to hear them speak.
I cannot wait to watch the HOPE emotion take over you, like it did me.

The answers may not be found in Amelia's lifetime, but after listening to everyone speak, you will walk away thinking ...........maybe it can be.


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